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  •  NOTICE: The majority of the Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-leash Area will be closed on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 for major restoration work. Fenced area is being relocated, will encompass eight-acres and remains open. Learn more. 

    To address public safety concerns on Stagecoach Boulevard adjacent to the DOLA, we are working with Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering to discontinue parking along the road and implement tow away zones. The south parking lot will be designated for disabled, emergency and staff parking. These changes will take affect in April, dates to be determined.

    View Elk Meadow Park DOLA Closure Map and New Fenced Area


    Dog Off-Leash Area Regulations

    Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-Leash Area

    Rules and Regulations

    Park Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Handlers are legally responsible and liable for the actions of their dog(s) at all times.

    Dog waste must be IMMEDIATELY cleaned up, carried and disposed of in a trash receptacle by the dog's handler.

    Large portions of this area are UNFENCED. Dogs(s) must be in sight and under voice control AT ALL TIMES. Trespassing onto private property by pets and/or handlers is prohibited.

    Limit of THREE (3) dogs per handler.

    Dogs must remain leashed at all times when outside the Dog Off-Leash Area.

    Handlers must carry one (1) leash per dog with them at all times.

    Aggressive, sick or injured dogs, dogs in heat and puppies under four months old are prohibited.

    Dogs must have current vaccinations and proof of licensing on collar.

    No hunting, or discharging of firearms.  Open carry of firearms is prohibited.

    All other Jefferson County Open Space and Animal Control rules and regulations apply.

    In an emergency, dial 911. 

    Report active violations to Jefferson County Sheriff's non-emergency number, 303-277-0211.

    Getting There

    32391 Stagecoach Blvd., Evergreen External Link Icon
    From State Highway 74, turn west on Stagecoach and proceed 1.25 miles to the south parking lot.


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    Starting April 4, 2017, 99 acres of this park will be closed for Natural Resource Protection

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    Dog Off-Leash Area Map Adobe PDF Icon 

    32391 Stagecoach Blvd.
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    Trail Miles: 3.2

    Acres: 107

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