• Elk Meadow Park


  • True to its name, Elk Meadow Park is the most likely place in the Open Space system to view herds of elk. The meadow is prime grazing ground for the largest of Colorado’s native deer, as well as where mountain bluebirds flit and red-tailed hawks circle the sky hunting for rodents and other prey.

    Trail experiences are diverse—short jaunts on flat terrain, a rolling trek on Meadow View Trail, the 4.7-mile haul with a 2,100-foot elevation gain from the Stagecoach Boulevard trailhead to 9,708-foot Bergen Peak. This Denver Mountain Parks landmark affords sweeping views of the Continental Divide. The number of switchbacks on this steep, rocky path demand sharing the trail, as always, along with being prepared for wildlife encounters. 

    As in all Jeffco Open Space Parks, dogs must be leashed in Elk Meadow Park.

    Getting There

    Lewis Ridge Trailhead: From I-70, exit onto Highway 74 (Exit 252), drive south 2.25 miles to Lewis Ridge Road, turning right into the parking lot.

    Stagecoach Trailhead: From Highway 74, turn west on Stagecoach Boulevard and proceed 1.25 miles to the north parking lot.