• Elk Meadow Park Trail Profiles

  • Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain or Loss Description
    Bergen Peak 3.7 miles +1,730' Longest trail with greatest elevation gain; continues into Colorado Division of Wildlife and Denver Mountain Parks properties; View of Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans and the Continental Divide.
    Elk Ridge 0.5 miles -270' Connector trail between Sleepy S and Meadow View; average 14 percent grade.
    Meadow View 3.1 miles +220' Average 3 percent grade; mix of meadow environment and pines; connects to all other trails.
    Noble Meadow 0.7 miles   Short loop trail with views of meadows to the south and west.
    Painter's Pause 1 mile +260' Open meadow; average 4 percent grade; exposure to elements; wetlands; view of Bergen Peak.
    Sleepy S 1.1 miles -300' Beautiful meadow view; connects parking lots; mature ponderosa pines.
    Too Long 2.4 miles +1,220' Strenuous with numerous switchbacks; valley view; trail continues into Denver Mountain Parks property.