• Hildebrand Ranch Park


  • Visitors enjoy diverse terrain at Hildebrand Ranch Park, whether they're down on the plains or high on the hogback. They also find greater solitude here than in other Open Space Parks. 

    A nearly five-mile loop includes a wide-open experience on the Two Brands Trail, with gentle grades in the shadow of the Dakota, Lyons and Niobrara hogbacks. A 1.1-mile, hard-surface connector managed by South Suburban Park and Recreation District completes the circle.

    The picturesque valley was once Native American hunting grounds. In 1866, Frank Hildebrand settled to graze cattle. Today the 1,653-acre park abounds with wildlife, including burrowing owls, prairie dogs, mule deer, and elk, with bears and mountain lions occasionally sighted.

    Getting There

    9880 Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton External Link Icon
    Hildebrand Ranch Park is located south of Deer Creek Canyon Road and west of South Wadsworth Boulevard, adjacent to Chatfield State Park. It is accessible from Deer Creek Canyon Road, approximately 1.3 miles west of Wadsworth Boulevard.