• Hildebrand Ranch Park Vision

  • Resource Values

    The management of Hildebrand Ranch Park reflects Jefferson County Open Space's mission of balancing human use with resource preservation. Hildebrand Ranch Park is a gateway to the park resources of the Deer Creek Canyon area. This Jefferson County Open Space park is actively managed to sustain its scenic, historic and natural resource values, while providing trail-based recreational opportunities. Rugged landforms provide an opportunity to preserve a tract of relatively undisturbed habitat with significant natural values.


    Management Unit Designations

    Management Unit Designations (MUDs) will reflect Jefferson County Open Space's efforts to provide protection of natural and cultural resources, while making provisions for multiple-use trail access within Hildebrand Ranch Park, and regional connections to Deer Creek Canyon Park, South Valley Park and other adjacent trail systems.


    Landscapes and Natural Resources

    Hildebrand Ranch Park holds diverse landscapes and valuable natural resources. Management and future development of this park will promote the protection of critical raptor nesting sites, prairie dog colonies, wildlife corridors, rare plant colonies, and important riparian habitat. Deer Creek provides a water resource to the property that will be critical to the growth and re-establishment of native grasses.


    Cultural Heritage

    In an effort to promote the historic ranching heritage of Hildebrand Ranch Park, management will focus preserving the cultural landscape. Equestrian use at this park, and through the regional connections, will be emblematic of the historical use on the landscape. Continuation of historic grazing and hay harvesting activities, with the aid of water resources on the park, will help to preserve the ranching tradition, and assist with control of noxious weeds.


    Access and Trails

    Underlying the natural and cultural resources is providing public access that does not compromise these resources. Hildebrand Ranch Park trails provide a link in a greater, regional trail system that will provide multiple-use trail experience. In addition to long distance trails integrating the southern Jefferson County Open Space system, shorter trails within the park will provide local recreational opportunities.