• Lair o' the Bear Trail Profiles


  • Trail Name Point of Origin Distance Description
    Bear Creek Trail At Ouzel Bridge near parking area 1.5 miles Shady, crushed-gravel trail that follows the creek; good fishing; trail connects to Denver Mountain Parks for additional 5 miles of trail.
    Creekside Loop West trail junction with Bear Creek Trail. 0.2 miles Hiker only; natural-surface loop trail; shady, willow brush dominates area; good fishing.
    Creekside Trail East trail junction with Bear Creek Trail. 0.3 miles Hiker only; no dogs; surrounds the picnic area; includes fishing pier access.
    Brittlefern Trail West trail junction with Creekside Trail near Ouzel Bridge 0.3 miles Hiker only; loops around to picnic areas.
    Caster Cutoff West trail junction with Bruin Bluff Trail 0.2 miles Bisects with Bruin Bluff Trail.
    Bruin Bluff Trail West trail junction with Caster Cutoff at Dipper Bridge 1.9 miles Multi-use trail that loops away from creek; connects to Denver Mountain Parks' Little Park.