• North Table Mountain Park


  • There is an ongoing Rattlesnake Study at North Table Mountain Park, researchers may be off-trail. Learn more Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document.

    Lava flows formed North Table Mountain and it sister mesa, South Table Mountain, about 60 million years ago. Today, North Table Mountain Park visitors enjoy panoramic views, 15-plus miles of trails and an above-it-all natural escape.

    The mesa is habitat for prairie dogs and a population of 80 to 100 mule deer. Golden eagles and red-tailed hawks nest in the mesa cliffs. A seasonal closure of Rim Rock Trail from February 1 to July 31 allows raptors to successfully fledge. Shore birds and ducks ply three seasonal ponds that dot the top of the mountain. Rattlesnakes are common, and shade is scarce. See our snakebite prevention and first aid guide Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document and carry plenty of water.

    Lichen Peak Trail allows hikers to ascend to the park's highest peak. The Golden Cliffs Trail provides climbers with access to routes on southern cliff walls in the park and Golden Cliffs Preserve.

    Getting There

    West side of mesa: The parking lot and main trailhead are north of Golden on State Highway 93, just north of Pine Ridge Road. There are six dedicated spaces for horse trailers. Left turns are not permitted when leaving the parking lot and turning onto Highway 93.

    South side of mesa (Golden Cliffs Preserve): From State Highway 93, turn at Washington Avenue and take the third left onto First Street. Turn right at Partridge Circle and take the first right onto Ptarmigan Street. Ptarmigan turns right and becomes Peery Drive. Stay to the left onto Peery Parkway. Please respect our neighbors and follow the residential speed limits and pass through the gate. Follow the lower dirt road to the right for the main Golden Cliffs parking lot. The property boundary begins at the parking area entrance.

    East side of mesa: Parking is at City of Golden Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex, 4471 Salvia St., Golden, CO External Link Icon. Access trail to North Table Loop crosses Easley Road.