• South Valley Park


  • Dramatic red sandstone spires. Stunning views of craggy outcroppings. Pleasant trails suited to beginning mountain bikers and hikers who prefer more level terrain.

    A diversity of trails offer quiet refuge from the tempo of the neighboring suburbs and criss-cross the eastern half of South Valley Park. The Swallow Trail is hiker-only.

    The northwest section of the park is set aside as a Sensitive Area closed to public use to protect nest sites. A seasonal closure around the Grazing Elk Trail allows elk and mule deer access to critical range. Please help wildlife by respecting these closures. Do not climb on these delicate sandstone formations for your own safety and to protect these highly erosive surfaces.

    Evidence points to hunter-gatherers occupying the South Valley 7,500 years before the Pyramids of Egypt were built. The Fountain/Lyons rock formations provided critical shelter for early Native Americans and create a beautiful backdrop for today’s visitors.

    Getting There

    North Trailhead: 8354 South Valley Road, Littleton.
    From C-470, exit westbound on Ken Caryl Avenue. Turn left onto South Valley Road to the park's north parking area.

    South Trailhead: 12447 Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton. From South Platte Canyon Road (S. Wadsworth and C-470), take Deer Creek Canyon Road west to the smaller parking area.