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  • Welchester Tree Grant Park is home to a historic grove of trees dating to 1878. The area is now home to many species of plants and wildlife, a peaceful stream and an idyllic 0.4-mile trail.

    C.C. Welch homesteaded the area with his family in the 1860s. The Timber Cultural Act of 1873 allowed homesteaders to claim 160 acres of free land if they agreed to cultivate 40 acres of trees and attend to them for 10 years. For many settlers on the arid plains, this was simply impossible. The tree grant remains standing today as a testament to the hardiness of early residents of the American West.

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    13101 West Eighth, Golden External Link Icon
    Limited roadside parking is available from Yank Street to Zang Street.



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    13101 W. Eighth Ave.
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    Limited roadside parking
    available from
    Yank to Zang streets.

    Trail Miles: 0.6

    Acres: 19.8

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