• Windy Saddle Park


  • Windy Saddle Park is both a launching point for adventurers and a stopping point not to be missed by sightseers.

    Paragliders and hang gliders take flight from 7,059-foot Mount Zion, mountain bikers churn along Chimney Gulch Trail and hikers have Beaver Brook Trail to explore. The trail system connects to Lookout Mountain Nature Center, which has its own interpretive trails. Cyclists dissect the park on their climb up Lookout Mountain Road, a 4.3-mile ride of passage with a 1,200-foot elevation gain. 

    Drivers are rewarded with stunning views simply by parking at the trailhead. The park lives up to its name, with strong drafts blowing down from the Continental Divide. The wind conditions are renowned among hang gliders and paragliders. These high-risk activities require fulfilling requirements from the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association You are now leaving the jeffco.us website to an external site and completing a waiver. You are now leaving the jeffco.us website to an external site

    Getting There

    1277 Lookout Mountain Road, Golden
    The Windy Saddle trailhead is off Lariat Loop Road/Lookout Mountain Road, 0.9 miles from the brick pillars on the west side of the road, or continue 2.8 miles and turn right on Colorow Road for 0.6 miles for the Lookout Mountain Nature Center. 

    These areas can also be accessed via I-70 and US 40. Informal parking for the lower section of the Chimney Gulch Trail is on the south side of 6th Avenue, across the road from the Colorado School of Mines football field.