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  • Permits and Reservations


  • If you would like to host an event or organized activity at an Open Space park, please see below to determine the category into which your activity will fall.

    All commercial activities require a General Use Permit per Jeffco Open Space regulations: It shall be unlawful to conduct any commercial activity or concession, or to provide any service, product or activity for which a fee is charged, on Open Space lands, except when a valid Jefferson County Open Space Special Activity Agreement is issued. Fine: $75.00 


    General Use Permits include photography, guide services, school groups or other events that exceed groups of 15 people or more. Please read the guidelines before completing an application. 

     Permit Guidelines for General Use Permits  
     General Use FAQs 
    General Use Park Permit Application



    Special Activities include tours, races, rides, walks, festivals or other events that may require exclusive use of our parks or trails and will be considered by Jeffco Open Space on a case-by-case basis. Please read the guidelines before completing an application. Special Activities fall into 2 categories:

    Category 1 Events: Events that exceed 200 people and/or require exclusive use of Jeffco Open Space managed trails or parks. The deadline for application for Category 1 Events is Friday, January 8, 2016.

    Category 2 Events: Events that do not exceed 200 people and do not require exclusive use of a park, trail or other area. The deadline for application for Category 2 Events is Friday, February 5, 2016.

    To apply for a Special Activity please contact: 

    Park Permit Guidelines for Special Activities 
    Special Activities FAQs


    Still have questions? Please contact Jeffco Open Space at or 303-271-5925.