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  • Park Permit Application


  • You may need a Park Permit to host an event in an Open Space Park. Here are the high-level guidelines for whether you might need that permit for your special event:

    • Groups of 50 or more persons, and/or
    • School groups of 50 or more persons, and/or
    • Groups requesting use of a site not designated for concentrated group use, and/or
    • Groups of any size conducting the same event more than once in a three-month period.

    Please read the park permit guidelines to see all the details and determine whether your event requires a permit. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions of a park reservation before submitting your request.

    You may find the answer to your questions in our FAQs for Recreation Events, Celebration Events and Group and Educational Programs. Or contact Jefferson County Open Space at ps@jeffco.us or 303-271-5925.


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