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  • Terms and Conditions of a Pine Valley Ranch Shelter Reservation


  • Fees

    For events scheduled more than one month in advance, all fees are due four weeks before the event date. All rental fees are NONREFUNDABLE; damage deposit may be refundable in whole or part. Every effort will be made to assist in rescheduling a shelter rental.


    Loading and unloading of vehicles must be done from designated parking lot area only.
    Driving beyond the parking area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED - CATERERS INCLUDED.
    The posted RULES AND REGULATIONS shall also apply for reserved shelter use.


    The responsible person/organization holding the activity will submit a certificate of insurance showing Jefferson County as the certificate holder and additional insured on all liability policies. Insurance minimum will be one million per occurrence, one million aggregate. Auto liability and workers' compensation coverage (with statutory limits) may be required, though not if sole proprietor. PROOF OF INSURANCE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO OPEN SPACE BEFORE THE EVENT.


    • No implied rights or reservations are granted as to camping or parking spaces. Admission is on a first-come first-served basis.
    • All participants in the activity agree to abide by and obey all rules and regulations of Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS), and any regulations
      that may apply.
    • All temporary signs, banners, markers are to be set only with permission of park staff and should be approved two weeks prior to the activity and
      all temporary signs removed at the end of the activity.
    • Approval to hold this activity does not imply that extra services will be provided nor does it place any additional liabilities on Jefferson County.
    • The applicant agrees to provide flyers regarding the activity one-week prior to the activity should park staff determine it is necessary to minimize use conflicts.
    • The applicant assumes all risk related to the activity and releases, holds harmless and indemnifies Jefferson County from any death, injury, loss,
      damage or expense occurring as a result of this activity, including any death, injury, loss, damage or expense resulting from the negligence of
      Jefferson County or its officers, employees, and agents.
    • The applicant shall supply all necessary manpower and equipment to safely conduct this activity. The applicant shall be responsible for any and all damage to park resources and/or facilities that result from this activity.
    • All county ordinances and state statutes apply.
    • The area in which the event takes place shall be cleaned up and restored to its prior condition.
    • Entry to a park may be prohibited when the park is at capacity. Exceptions are not made for special activities.
    • JCOS maintains the right and authority to amend or cancel this Agreement at any time should the applicant or participants fail to abide by conditions agreed to or if public health, safety and welfare so dictate.
    • The applicant may be assessed an Event Fee for extra services provided by JCOS. Payment, if required, is due upon submittal of this application unless other arrangements have been approved.
    • Activities must be held within established park hours.
    • This Agreement does not grant exclusive use of the site. The applicant shall ensure that the rights and privileges of other park visitors are recognized.
    • The applicant must demonstrate possession of applicable agreements/permits at all times during the permitted activity and present such agreements/permits upon request.
    • Under state law, the only alcohol park users can consume is fermented malt beverages (“3.2 beer”). Alcohol use on JCOS property must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.