• Share the Trail


  • We all have a part in creating safe, enjoyable trail experiences. That means sharing the trail and knowing your responsibilities as a trail user.



    Travel at a safe speed. Be especially careful when visibility is limited.

    Communicate with other trail users. Let others know if your horse is safe to pass.

    Don't ride in the mud. If the trail is muddy, try to use an alternate trail. Deep hoof prints make it difficult for others to use the trail.


    Hikers and Trail Runners

    Listen for and be aware of other trail users and yield with care to equestrians, remaining visible. Horses do not like surprises.

    Keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times. The only area where dogs are permitted off leash in Open Space is at the Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-Leash Area.

    Avoid stepping off trails.


    Mountain Bikers

    Yield to all other trail users. Downhill riders should yield to uphill traffic. Anticipate other trail users around corners and blind spots and be prepared to stop and pass safely.

    Pass with care and alert other users in advance with a vocal warning.

    Keep your bike under control and travel at a safe speed.

    Always wear a safety helmet.

    Don't ride in the mud or on trails where ruts can be created. Try to use an alternate trail. Skidding and sliding around turns damages the trail.

    County ordinance requires that dogs be on a leash. Responsible bicyclists will not ride with dogs, since this can be dangerous.