• Reports


  • Authorized by voters, operations and management practices are available for review through several types of reports. Some are produced by Jeffco Open Space staff and others are produced through professional services contracts.


    Annual Report

    Celebrating the annual achievements of Jeffco Open Space, this report includes updates toward progress on goals identified in the 2014-2019 Jeffco Open Space Master Plan.
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    Quarterly Reports

    A quarterly recap of activities and accomplishments and included in the Board of County Commissioners Updates by the Director

    Natural Resource Studies and Reports

    Resource management studies conducted by the professional staff of Jeffco Open Space provided in summary.

    Colorado Natural Heritage Program Report

    This 2011 update to a 1993 study by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program was incorporated into the 2014-2019 Jeffco Open Space Master Plan to identify potential conservation areas.

    2011 Citizen Survey

    A qualitative random sample survey by a professional research group provided Jeffco Open Space with a statistically valid measure of citizen attitudes and interests.