• Share and Care


  • What does it mean to Share and Care for your park? Jeffco Open Space parks were acquired for public recreation balanced with land, water and wildlife protection, and therefore require our visitors to understand, appreciate and take action to keep the places we love to visit clean, safe and enjoyable.

    Part of everyone’s responsibility is personal stewardship. This includes remembering that other visitors are intent on enjoying the park as much as you.

    Keep the following principles in mind when enjoying Jeffco Open Space:

    There is No Poop Fairy.
    Pick it up. Pack it out. Dog waste threatens water quality, spreads disease and ruins the trail experience for everyone else. Please immediately pick up after your pet and deposit waste in a trash can.

    The Muddy Boot: A Badge of Honor.
    Just do it. Go through it. Walking off trail to avoid mud widens trails, kills plants and increases erosion. Be a hero and walk through mud, rather than around it.

    Love them and Leash them.
    Keep your dog leashed at all times. This helps avoid conflict with visitors, other dogs and wildlife; and keeps your pet safe in the parking lot and near roads.

    Share your passion for the parks and care for the trails and wildlife habitat by becoming a volunteer. Please see our Volunteer page to learn more.

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