• Trail Stewardship Team (TST) Qualification and Duties


  • Minimum TST Qualifications

    • Jefferson County resident
    • Age 14 through 18
    • Available to work from June 13 to July 27, 2017, Tuesday through Thursday, with no more than two absences 
    • Possess your own Social Security number before submitting application
    • Be in good health (a physical examination may be required at your personal expense)
    • Be able to supply your own transportation to and from the Jeffco Open Space facilities in Golden each workday
    • Be required to furnish, for personal use, a daypack, lunch, canteen, raincoat, sunscreen, gloves and lug-soled work boots
    • Be able to carry all personal gear, as well as tools and equipment, to and from the job sites
    • Be able and willing to follow verbal instructions
    • Be required to show proof of citizenship

    Essential TST Job Duties

    • Be on time, with equipment and in uniform each workday
    • Strenuous hiking; two to five miles every day
    • Work in hot sun with no shade, or in rainy weather
    • Climb elevations between 5,000 and 9,000 feet
    • Safely use hand tools such as shovels, picks, rakes, grub hoes, rock bars, pruning saws, weed whips and various non-powered tools
    • Safely move heavy rocks, branches and dirt
    • Pick up litter, stack logs, cut and move vegetation (allergy alert!)
    • Be able to stoop, bend, push, pull, lift and perform all manners of motion related to outdoor labor
    • Work cooperatively as part of an eight- to 10-member crew with an adult leader
    • Follow all safety practices common to outdoor work
    • Respect and appreciate the surrounding natural environment
    • Obey all policies and procedures

    TST Worker Duties

    In the past, TST workers have moved more than 400 tons (800,000 pounds) of fine rock material in wheelbarrows for new trail construction. Each worker can expect to cover more than 200 miles in eight weeks by hiking to and from the job site for trail maintenance.

    Adult crew leaders manage crews of eight to 10 workers. Many of the leaders have backgrounds in teaching natural resource management and outdoor recreation and have been workers themselves. The workload is paced so that no one is overworked, while the work assignments are designed to allow everyone to enjoy the satisfaction of completing a job well done.

    TST workers will make new friends and earn money, plus gain valuable work experience, usable skills and a good reference for their future endeavors. Finally, TST workers have fun.

    TST Work Schedule and Compensation

    • Participants will work Tuesday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the weeks of activity for TST. Wage for 2017 is $9.30/hr.