• Open Jeffco

    Our operating capital comes directly from you, the citizen, whether through taxes or fees paid for services provided. Whether it is to pay bills and salaries, or maintain and create services - it is your money. This Open Jeffco area of our website provides easy access to all of the information on programs and services you require from Jefferson County, as well as the financial information you are looking for.

    bcc-home-all-commissioners-imageMessage from the Commissioners

    As your county commissioners, we want to provide as much information as possible online to citizens to make it that much easier to access. We are proud that Jefferson County has been a leader in making government more open and transparent and plan to continue going down that path.

    Financial Information

    The Financial Information section provides information about how the county spends your tax dollars as well as features that make it easier for you to pay your property taxes. There are also searchable databases to allow for easier access to the information you're looking for and how the Citizen Budget Review Panel is working with the county.


  • More Information in Open Jeffco

    • Budget and Risk Management 
      The Budget division helps the management of the county make informed decision while ensuring the financial viability of all county operations.
    • County Contracts 
      County Contracts supplies a searchable listing of recently awarded contracts to purchse supplies, equipment and services needed to conduct the daily business of the county.
    • Courts and Legal 
      Get information from the courts as well as legal notices from the county.
    • Financial Data Search 
      This application allows for easier access to information on expeditures, financial reports and other financial data.
    • How to Pay Property Taxes 
      There are several convenient ways that owners can pay their property taxes with the Treasurers Office.
    • Jeffco Blog 
      Jefferson County's blog, Conversations with Jeffco, covering topics from around the county departments.
  • Employee Salaries

    Listings of employee salaries are published twice a year in the county’s designated official newspaper. Currently the High Timber Times is the county’s designated official newspaper, chosen through the competitive bid process.

    Every February, the salary list shows the annual amount paid each employee for the previous year. The total amount also includes any overtime wages. The listing published each year in August shows the amount paid each employee for the month of June. The State Statute was changed a few years ago to allow the salaries to be published by title rather than name. The Accounting Division prepares approximately 3,000 checks or electronic deposits each payroll period.