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  • Lookout Mountain Nature Center School and Group Pr

    1st-3rd Grade

    The 1st - 3rd grade programs are two-hour programs.


    Wild Messages

    Discover the clues left by wild animals and learn to share wild places! Explore the messages of bears, deer, pocket gophers and other forest dwellers.
    Year-round at selected parks

    Plant PARTners

    Hike the trails in search of roots, leaves, flowers and seeds, and investigate the ways plants survive in the wild. Along the way, meet a ponderosa pine tree, catch hitchhiking seeds and explore the role pollinators play in plant growth.
    Year ‘round at LMNC

    Creek Community

    Explore a riparian area and discover how it provides food, water and shelter for beavers, aquatic insects, birds and other animals. Discover where our water comes from on the Front Range, and learn how you can conserve and share precious water resources.
    May—October at Lair o’ the Bear Park and
    July—October at Pine Valley Ranch Park

    Home Sweet Wetland Home

    Explore an urban wetland and find out who calls it home. Learn how these unique sanctuaries help animals meet their basic needs for survival.
    April—June at Crown Hill Park and
    March—October at Van Bibber Park 

    Plant and Animal Survivors

    It’s not easy making a living in the wild. Through outdoor explorations, discover how populations of plants and animals meet their basic needs in a ponderosa pine forest. Search for bugs or birds, play a plant game and investigate the habitat needs of several animals to discover how forest dwellers use their unique adaptations to survive and thrive.
    Meets CAS SC09-GR.2-S.2-GLE.1-EO.a,b,c-GLE.2-EO.a,b
    Year ‘round at LMNC 



    Last Updated: 6-4-2014