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  • Lookout Mountain Nature Center School and Group Pr

    4th-6th Grade

    The 4th - 6th Grade programs are two-hour programs.


    Ponderosa Pine Treasure Hunt

    Forest guardians maintain the balance in a ponderosa pine forest! Search the trails and investigate the treasures that are waiting to be discovered.
    Year-round at selected parks 

    Spineless Wonders

    A hidden world of insects lives on the rocky river bottom. Identify these water bugs and find out what these small critters tell us about the health of a river.
    May—October at Lair o’ the Bear Park
    July—October at Pine Valley Ranch Park

    Urban Wetland WondersWetlands

    Wetlands provide habitat for a large diversity of wildlife, but that’s not all! Hike among the cattails, explore life in a pond and discover the many functions of an urban wetland.
    April—June at Crown Hill Park and
    March—October in Van Bibber Park

    ESI:  EcoSystem Investigations

    Study solar energy, examine skulls, inspect plants, and dig in the dirt to discover the roles that the sun, producers, consumers and decomposers play in the ecosystem.
    Year-round at LMNC

    Last Updated: 1-31-2014