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    Jefferson County Fairgrounds


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    15200 W. 6th Ave.
    Jeffco Fairgrounds
    Golden, CO 80401


    Scott Gales, sgales@jeffco.us

    Facilities Coordinator

    Debra Adams, dadams@jeffco.us

    Operations Supervisor

    Rory Peachey, rpeachey@jeffco.us

    Office Coordinator

    Kati Gerson, kgerson@jeffco.us

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  • Fairgrounds Facility Use Policy Restrictions

    Cleaning-Damage-Overtime Deposit and Refund

    A cleaning/damage/overtime deposit of $500 (large and/or high-impact events), $200 (arenas, exhibit halls, barns, picnic area for average type events) or $100 (conference rooms) is required 15 days before the event. The deposit may be refunded if all fairgrounds policies are followed, there is no litter or damage to the facilities used and the tenant and their property is out of the facility at the designated time. The tenant will also be responsible for costs associated with cleaning up litter or for damage-repair costs, which exceed the amount of the deposit. An increased damage deposit may be required under certain circumstances. Organizations that have multiple events, or event bookings from year-to-year, may choose to have their damage deposit placed in a noninterest-bearing escrow account. Deposits placed in this account may be refunded upon the organization’s request if there are no outstanding charges due from that organization.

    Last Updated: 4-11-2013