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    Jefferson County Fairgrounds


    Office Hours: Mon-Fri

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    15200 W. 6th Ave.
    Jeffco Fairgrounds
    Golden, CO 80401


    Scott Gales, sgales@jeffco.us

    Facilities Coordinator

    Debra Adams, dadams@jeffco.us

    Operations Supervisor

    Rory Peachey, rpeachey@jeffco.us

    Office Coordinator

    Kati Gerson, kgerson@jeffco.us

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  • Fairgrounds Facility Use Policy Restrictions

    Decorating and Setup

    There is no additional charge if decorating is done on the date of the event. We do not allow the use of tape, nails/tacks or staples on the walls, doors or other surfaces (bulletin boards are provided for this purpose). Do not hang items on the curtains. Only tape provided by the fairgrounds may be used for the floors. CONFETTI, BIRDSEED, RICE OR SIMILAR MATERIALS ARE NOT PERMITTED FOR ANY EVENT. If you have special needs, please ask fairgrounds staff for help.


    A map of the exhibit hall is provided for you to draw the setup arrangement you would like for your tables and chairs. If you have questions about setup arrangements or need to see samples of standard floor plans, they are available in the fairgrounds administrative offices for you to review.

    Last Updated: 4-11-2013