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    Jefferson County Fairgrounds


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    15200 W. 6th Ave.
    Jeffco Fairgrounds
    Golden, CO 80401


    Scott Gales, sgales@jeffco.us

    Facilities Coordinator

    Debra Adams, dadams@jeffco.us

    Operations Supervisor

    Rory Peachey, rpeachey@jeffco.us

    Office Coordinator

    Kati Gerson, kgerson@jeffco.us

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  • Fairgrounds Facility Use Policy Restrictions

    Tie Outs and Temporary Stalls Use

    Tie outs or the set up of temporary stalls for the intended purpose of holding animals overnight is not allowed on fairgrounds property.
    Liability Waivers: Depending on the risk level of the event, all event producers, participants and spectators may be required to sign Release and Waiver of Liability forms. These waivers may be required in addition to, or in lieu of, Insurance Requirements. The fairgrounds or Jefferson County Attorney staff will determine whether an event requires waivers or waivers AND insurance for an event.

    Last Updated: 5-22-2013