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    15200 W. 6th Ave.
    Jeffco Fairgrounds
    Golden, CO 80401


    Scott Gales, sgales@jeffco.us

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    Debra Adams, dadams@jeffco.us

    Operations Supervisor

    Rory Peachey, rpeachey@jeffco.us

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    Kati Gerson, kgerson@jeffco.us

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  • Open Riding at the Fairgrounds


    Open riding is allowed in all outdoor arenas and the indoor Event Center. Riding hours vary; however, there is typically an open arena for use between 7am and 9pm, Monday through Thursday. Open riding is not allowed in any arena reserved for an event. Jefferson County Fairgrounds reserves the right to schedule an event at any time. Riders must follow all open riding rules while using the arenas.

    Our events calendar View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. can change with little or no notice. We suggest you contact us before coming to the Fairgrounds, 303.271.6600.

    Event Center (indoor arena)

    For open ride schedule in the Event Center, please contact us at 303.271.6600 M-F 8am-5pm or 720.490.5737 after 5pm and on the weekends.

    During the winter season, October 15 to April 15, there will be monitored open riding on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm to help manage the increased use during this time.  To help offset facility operating costs, a $5-per-rider-honor-system fee is recommended. The money may be placed in the self-service collection container located just inside the main door.

    Outdoor Arenas: (Silver Spur, Table View and Rodeo)

    The Silver Spur, Table View and Rodeo Arena facilities are generally available for open riding from 8am to dusk, Monday through Thursday, unless an event is scheduled in the respective arena. There are fewer opportunities for open riding Friday through Sunday; however, you might find times available. These arena surfaces will be used "as is," for open riding; grooming and watering is not guaranteed before you ride.

    Open Riding Rules

    • Always use proper pleasure-riding etiquette and common courtesy with other riders.
    • Experienced riders must "watch out" for novice riders and children.
    • Parents/guardians must supervise children at all times.
    • Riding/behavior lessons are not allowed during open riding. Commercial trainers must contact the fairgrounds office to schedule facility use for lessons.
    • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at any time during open riding.
    • Dogs are not allowed in the arena during open riding.
    • Lunging, roping, barrel racing, jumping, trick riding, racing and similar activities are prohibited during open riding.
    • Horses must be tied to hitching rails located outside the arena railing.
    • The rail is for horses being ridden. Mounting, dismounting, conversations, etc. must happen in the middle of, or outside, the arena.
    • Anyone off horseback must stay outside the arena railing.
    • All riders must clean up after their horses, and all manure is to be placed in bins located near the arenas.
    • Stallions are prohibited in the arena during open riding.
    Last Updated: 1-15-2014