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    15200 W. 6th Ave.
    Jeffco Fairgrounds
    Golden, CO 80401


    Scott Gales, sgales@jeffco.us

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  • Campground Information, Guidelines and Rules


    Welcome to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in beautiful Golden, Colorado! Our campground offers five tent sites and 40 additional camp sites that include (seasonal) water and electric hookups. Each site fee includes the use of our sanitary dump station, our restroom and shower facilities as well as free WiFi. We have camp hosts and full-time staff members on-site and available to help you seven days per week. When not in use for private events, our updated playground area and picnic pavilion is available for camper use.  Please see additional information and rules below.  We hope you enjoy your stay! 


    Sitfairgrounds-facilities-rv-site-back-ines #1 - #7 - Back-in, paved site (72'x16'), 50-amp power, water hookup 

    • Daily: $40

    Sites #8 - #12 - Back-in, paved site (53'x17'), 50-amp power, water hookup

    • Daily: $40

    Sites #13 - #18 - parallel-parked, paved site (59'x18'), 30-amp power, water hookup

    • Daily: $35

    Sites #19 - #40 - Pull-through, gravel sites (36'x21'), 30-amp power, *water hookup

    • Daily: $30 *water hookups in these spaces are available (weather permitting) May through September

    Tent sites* #1 - #5 14'x14' sites, no power, no water hookups

    • Daily: $25 *Tent sites available (weather permitting) May through September.

    Check-In Time: 12pm

    Check-Out TIme: 11am

    Dump Station:  

    • A sanitary dump station is available on-site.  No additional fee is required for campers who have paid-in-full for their site rentals.  All other dump requests are subject to a $20 fee.  The discharge of grey or black water onto the ground / into the environment is strictly prohibited by law. 

    Payment and Cancellation Policy

    • A credit card (Visa or Master Card) is required to reserve any campsite. Your entire reservation and/or stay will be pre-authorized on this card.  No site permits will be issued, or utilities (and/or other services) made available without payment in full. 
    • Credits can be made to the cardholder's account for any early departures (less any incurred/outstanding charges). 
    • Cancellations made for reservations 48+ hours prior to reservation are allowed at no charge. 
    • Cancellations made for reservations less than 48 hours from reservation date/time will incur a one-day campsite rental charge to the credit card provided.
    • Campsites #1 - #40 have a 14-day stay limit (in 30 day period).  Tent sites have a 7-day stay limit (in 30 day period). 
    • There are no guarantees of site availability beyond what has been prepaid. 
    • Client groups renting additional Fairgrounds' facilities have priority use of camp sites, picnic pavillion and surrounding area(s).  
    • After-hours drive-ins will be assigned sites based on availability.  No guarantees apply.
    • Stays may be extended for additional nights, but are based on availability.  Any/all extensions to stays must be requested and prepaid-in-full and are subject to the aforementioned stay limits.  
    • Jefferson County reserves the right to amend or cancel camper permits at any time if the permitee or any other users under said permit fail to abide by the terms of the permit.



    •  Emergency
      In case of emergency, call 911 and state the exact nature and location of the emergency.  For other, after-hours (5pm-10pm) needs, contact on-site camp host or Fairgrounds' staff by phone at 720.490.5737. 
    • Severe Weather                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In the case of severe weather, follow the posted signage to the designated evacuation area in the nearby Green Mountain Conference Rooms.  Camp hosts have keys for access to this area.
    • Quiet Hours
      Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8am. Please be repectufl of others.
    • Capacity (Campers/Tents)
      Camp site capacity includes one (1) camper/recreational vehicle and up to one (1) tent. If a camper/recreational vehicle is not in use, up to two (2) tents can be used but they must remain within the perimeter of the permitted site. Tent site capacity permits up to two (2) tents.  No tents are permitted outside of permitted site space.     
    • Capacity (Permit Holder/Guests)            

              Each camp site permit allows for up to two (2) adults and two (2) children (under 18 years of age).  The permit holder will be charged $5 per day for each additional guest.

    • Minors/Children
      Sites will not be rented to minors (under 18 years of age). Children must be accompanied by a parent/adult guardian at all times.
    • Pets
      Pets must be kept kenneled, in camping unit, or on a leash and under the physical control of owner at all times. Pets are not allowed in the restroom/shower facility, near the playground structure or in any other building on the Fairgrounds complex. Pet owner(s) is/are responsible for immediate cleanup and proper disposal of pet waste. Off-leash pet compliance is only permitted with proper and necessary permit(s) from Jefferson County Animal Control.
    • Alcoholic Beverages
      No alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on Fairgrounds complex (including in the campground) without the proper permit(s).
    • Illegal Drugs
      No illegal drugs (including marijuana) or related paraphernalia are allowed anywhere on the Fairgrounds complex (including the campground).
    •  Aesthetics/Appearance
      The campground and surrounding areas are to be kept clean and orderly with the Fairgrounds Director having final say on all determinations. The following are not permitted on Fairgrounds property: Conversion units, clothes lines, non-emergency automotive mechanical/maintenance work (including any/all auto parts and materials), non-mounted truck campers, camper shells, etc.
    • Propane
      Propane tanks up to 100 lbs are permitted. Proper storage policies must be followed - including (1) always store propane cylinders in an upright position (2) on a level surface/flooring (3) make them secure using a restraint (such as chain, sturdy straps or plastic-coated wire). The cylinder can also be attached to a non-tip base (4) restraints must be on the upper half of the cylinder - above the center of gravity - and fastened.  
    • Jack Stands/Levelers
      All jack stands and/or levelers must have flat bases or supports between jacks and paveyment.
    • Cold Weather
      If temperatures are (or forecasted to be) at/below 32 degrees, water supply hoses need to be disconnected from hydrants. Any "Y" connectors need to be opened and drained per posted instructions. If snow is in the forecast, no parking is allowed in the spaces across from campsites 1-12 (by the picnic shelter). All vehicles need to be moved to the overflow parking lot (based on availability).
    • Trash
      All campgrounds-generated trash is to be placed in the nearest refuse container or dumpster. Discarded items such as large debris, furniture, grills, rugs, etc. are prohibited from Fairgrounds refuse containers and/or dumpsters. Please dispose of these items properly.
    • Vehicle Washing
      The washing of cars, trucks, busses, campers, recreational vehicles and/or any other type of vehicle is prohibited on Faigrounds property.
    • Campfires
      Please refer to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for the latest fire conditions, bans and information. Based on this information, fires MAY BE PROHIBITED. Open-wood fires are allowed only in the designated, group fire pit area. Fires must be tended to at all times by at least one adult. Fires must be fully extinguished upon departure from fire pit area.
    • Stoves
      Only portable (hibachi grill, kettle grill, propane stoves, etc.) charcoal and/or propane fires are permitted in individual camp sites.
    • Firearms
      Brandishing and/or discharging any firearm is prohibited on Fairgrounds property.
    • Fireworks
      Fireworks of all sorts are prohibited on Fairgrounds property.
    • Remote-Controlled Vehicles
      Remote-controlled vehicles of all types (including, but not limited to; cars, trucks, helicopters, airplanes and boats) are prohibited on Fairgrounds property.
    • Golfing
      Hitting of golf balls is prohibited on Fairgrounds property. 
    • Camper’s Responsibility
      It is the responsibility of each to be aware of and obey these, and all Fairgrounds Reservation and Use Policies. Disregard, or failure to comply with these, and/or any stated Guideline or Rule makes said camper(s) subject to immediate eviction from the Fairgrounds property.  Please be respectful and courteous at all times while on the Fairgrounds property.


    Last Updated: 10-28-2014