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    Centennial Cone Park Seasonal Hunting Closure Begins Dec. 1

    The late-season hunting access at Centennial Cone Park will begin Dec. 1, closing the area to all other uses through the end of January.

    The majority of the park will reopen to multi-use recreational activities Feb. 1. The Elk Range Trail, which traverses diagonally along the northwestern boundary of the park, typically remains closed through mid-June to protect the winter range and calving habitats of the local elk herds.

    Centennial Cone Park is the only Jeffco Open Space Park where hunting is allowed. The elk in the area are not being held in check by natural predators, such as mountain lions and bears, and the local population could double in four to five years without management. Over-browsing by elk decreases plant density and diversity, diminishing the habitat for other wildlife such as small mammals and birds.

    Jeffco Open Space hunting access permits are limited to 55 elk and 25 deer license-holders every year. Permit-applicants must have a valid late-season antlerless elk, female or either-sex deer license from the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife for the Jefferson County portion of Game Management Unit 38. Before gaining access to Centennial Cone Park, successful applicants are required to complete a Jeffco Open Space hunting orientation.

    For more information about hunting in Jeffco Open Space, please visit our website.

    Jeffco Open Space, the Fairgrounds, Colorado State University Extension, Boettcher Mansion and County Weed and Pest make up the Jeffco Parks Department. Open Space, the largest division, was founded as a land conservation organization in 1972 and preserves natural and cultural resources, provides quality outdoor recreation experiences and promotes sound environmental stewardship. Open Space is funded with a one-half cent sales tax that has protected over 52,000 acres, created 28 regional parks and 227 miles of trails in Jefferson County.

    Thea Rock
    Communications Manager
    (303) 271-5902

    November 26, 2013

    Last Updated: 11-26-2013