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    Trail Construction Planned for South Table Mountain Park

    NOTICE: Project on hold due to flood recovery priority in other Parks.

    Visitors to South Table Mountain Park will see activity beyond hiking, biking and horseback riding this year.

    Jeffco Open Space will build 3 miles of trail in 2013 in the western part of the mesa. Staff will upgrade service roads to include in the trail system and accommodate utility company vehicles.

    Trail building equipment will be transported onto park property on the mesa top via Quaker Street. Three new trail miles will be constructed jointly by Open Space staff and contractors. Approximately 2 miles of trail will remain for future construction.

    Visitors can assist this process by using designated trails to prevent erosion, protect wildlife habitat and sustain vegetation.

    More information and a map of our park plan are posted on the South Table Mountain Park page of www.jeffco.us/parks. To stay informed of the latest park developments, please sign up for our South Table Mountain Park contact list and send an e-mail message to stm@jeffco.us.

    July 7, 2013

    Last Updated: 6-16-2014