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    Annual Open Space Fuelwood Sale Begins August 18

    On Monday, August 18, 2014, Jeffco Open Space will begin to sell fuelwood permits for logs from forest management activities at Elk Meadow Park and White Ranch Park.  

    The Open Space fuelwood program provides low-cost wood to our community while assisting in the forest management of our parks. The logs are in large piles next to service roads within the parks. The wood is all Ponderosa Pine, mostly dry with some green wood in the mix. Permits will be available at the Jeffco Open Space offices, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden, CO during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check (checks made out to 'Jefferson County Treasurer'). Limit of 4 permits per customer.

    Date for Elk Meadow Park:
    Saturday, Sept. 13

    Dates for White Ranch Park:
    Sunday, Sept. 14
    Sunday, Sept. 21
    Saturday, Sept. 27
    Sunday, Sept. 28

    Elk Meadow Park Details:
    - Must show permit for Elk Meadow Park
    - $50 for standard pickup (about a cord of wood) and trailers over 4’x6’
    - $45 for compact pickup & trailers 4’ x 6’ or under
    - If bringing a pickup truck and a trailer, 2 permits are required
    - 4X4 vehicle suggested 
    - Permits are for a 1 hour window
    - Wood is cut in 18” lengths and split
    - No additional permits will be made available unless we are informed that wood is still available 

    White Ranch Park Details:
    - Must show permit for White Ranch Park
    - $25 for standard pickup truck and for trailers over 4’x 6’
    - $20 for compact truck and for trailers 4’ x 6’ or under
    - If bringing a pickup truck and a trailer, 2 permits are required 
    - 4X4 vehicle required
    - Permits are for a two hour window (8-10am; 10-12pm; 12-2pm; 2-4pm)
    - Sizes range from 4” to 24”
    - Bring your own chainsaw (no power for electric chainsaws)
    - Entry to pickup site will close at 3:00pm
    - Permits will be sold for additional weekends until wood runs out, or demand decreases 


    Thea Rock
    Communications Manager

    August 13, 2014

    Last Updated: 9-18-2014