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    Flood Repairs Timeline Announced for Jeffco Open Space Parks and Trails

    The extreme flooding in Colorado caused severe trail damage and the subsequent closure of several trails, and two Jeffco Open Space Parks. Late last year, extensive repair work and volunteer efforts aided in the reopening of Lair o’ the Bear Park and sections of trails damaged across the system. Along with sections of trail at White Ranch Park, North Table Mountain Park, Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, only Apex Park in the Golden area, remains closed in its entirety. Flood recovery efforts will dominate Jeffco Open Space activities into 2014.

    Key objectives include a partial opening of Apex Park in the First Quarter of 2014 and completed flood repairs expected by the end of September 2014. At Apex Park staff and volunteers will work to repair Apex, Pick-N-Sledge, Grubstake, Argos and Bonanza Trails to allow for a partial Park opening by March 31, 2014. Phase 2 of the flood recovery at Apex Park will involve repairs to Apex, Hardscrabble and Sluicebox Trails to enlarge the partial opening of the Park and provide an east-to-west experience. Finally, in the Third Quarter, repairs to Apex Trail, Poco Calle, Sluicebox and Pick-N-Sledge will allow for the park to open in its entirety.
    Apex Park Phased Plan Map Adobe PDF Icon

    Additional flood recovery efforts in First Quarter include work at White Ranch, North Table Mountain, Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve, Welchester Tree Grant and Van Bibber Parks.

    Second Quarter flood recovery work anticipated for completion by June 30, 2014 includes repairs at White Ranch, North Table Mountain, Elk Meadow, Alderfer/Three Sisters, South Valley and Grant Terry at Clear Creek Canyon Parks along with efforts at Apex Park.

    To complete flood recovery efforts by September 30, 2014, staff, volunteers and contractors will work in the Third Quarter at Apex, Lair o’ Bear, White Ranch and North Table Mountain Parks.

    Successful completion of this timeline assumes that there will be limited weather delays and work will commence immediately. Preliminary estimates of the workforce required to complete the repairs are between 45,000-50,000 hours and material costs in the range of $100,000-$150,000. Jeffco Open Space will use contractors and volunteers to accomplish the work within the anticipated timelines.

    Opportunities to volunteer for these flood repair projects will be offered through http://www.eventbrite.com/ and posted on the Jeffco Open Space website jeffco.us/parks

    Jeffco Open Space and Parks is a department within Jefferson County Government comprised of Open Space, Boettcher Mansion, CSU Extension, the Fairgrounds, and Weed and Pest. Open Space, the largest division, was founded as a land conservation organization in 1972 and preserves natural and cultural resources, provides quality outdoor recreation experiences and promotes sound environmental stewardship. We are funded with a one-half of one percent sales tax that has protected over 52,000 acres and created 28 regional parks and 227 miles of trails in Jefferson County.

    Thea Rock
    Communications Manager

    January 8, 2014

    Last Updated: 1-8-2014