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    The late season hunting access at Centennial Cone Park (the only park in which hunting is allowed) occurs December 1 through January 31 of each year. The property is closed to all other use during this season.

    Permit applicants must hold a valid late season antlerless elk, female or either sex deer license issued by Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. for the Jefferson County portion of Game Management Unit 38. Private Land Only licenses are not valid at Centennial Cone Park.

    State License Application View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.

    Jefferson County Open Space access applications are generally due to Jefferson County Open Space in September. Access permits are limited to 55 elk and 25 deer license holders. Hunters are allowed to enter the property during the time frame specified on the access permit.

    Before gaining access to Centennial Cone, successful applicants are required to complete JCOS hunting orientation, which is held in early November. Hunter orientations are mandatory for first-time, permitted hunters that have not completed the orientation in previous years.

    Questions? Contact Mark Oline, Senior Ranger, moline@jeffco.us or 303-271-5995

    Why Allow Hunting

    Elk populations are not being held in check by natural predators, which include black bears and mountain lions. Unchecked, populations could double in four to five years. Over-browsing by elk decreases plant density and diversity that provide food and cover for other wildlife (small mammals and birds). Other management tools (trapping, fertility inhibitors) are not feasible, not acceptable by the public or have limited effect. 


    Last Updated: 3-6-2014