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    Only Hiker and Equestrian use Allowed
    Trail Name Point of Origin Distance Elevation Gain and Loss Description
    Oxen Draw Trail Trail junction with Elkhorn Trail 0.9 miles +610' / -32' Follows ravine through forested areas.
    Raven's Roost Trail junction with Elkhorn Trail 0.9 miles +702' / -279' Travels along steep roadbed on ridgeline Elkhorn Trail above Oxen Draw Trail
    Eagle's View Trail Trail junction with Raven's Roost and Oxen Draw Trail 1 mile +547' / -268' Breathtaking panoramic view of Raven's Roost and Rampart Range, Pikes Peak, Oxen Draw Trail and beyond.
    Elkhorn Trail Trail junction with Oxen Draw Trail 0.8 miles +343' / -310' Interpretive trail through woods and Oxen Draw Trail meadow.
    Hummingbird Trail West parking area 1.3 miles +565' / -716' Climbs at both ends with a relatively flat section of trail in the middle.
    Chickadee Trail Trail junction with Hummingbird Trail 0.5 miles +104' / -136' Trail to Idylease Campground.
    Songbird Trail Trail junction with Elkhorn Trail 0.5 miles +53' / -217' Stays low along stream.


    Last Updated: 5-6-2013