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  • 29th Avenue
    29th Avenue runs from Sheridan Blvd. to Wadsworth Blvd. into Crown Hill Cemetery, it then resumes at Kipling Street and goes to Skyline Drive. Resumes again at Taft Street to Youngfield Street....More->
  • Addenbrooke Park
    Land belonged to the Everitt Family in 1876. Tom Addenbrooke, the grandson lived on the farm with his family. There were 111.931 acres. The land was condemned for the park between Kipling and Garrison...More->
  • Agricultural Ditch
    The ditch was founded in 1874 and built soon after. Located in Water District #7 (priority #61, 12/21/1884 and #67, 3/24/1883). Claimant on the south bank of Clear Creek in 1884 was the Agricultura...More->
  • Arnett-Harriman Ditch
    Arnett- Harriman Ditch, also known as Harriman Canal, originates at the southeast corner of Bear Creek Lake. It winds its way south of Quincy toward the southeast and for part of its course, appears ...More->
  • Brown's Island Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, water is diverted from the south bank of Clear Creek. Claimant in 1884 was Jacob H. Brown, and was granted Priority #4, May 19, 1860. Part of the water has since been tra...More->
  • Carmody House
    Lakewood's only remaining stage stop is a white rectangular building on the crest of Old South Kipling Road. It was home to the Carmody family for over 55 years. Lawrence Carmody from County Kerry, Ir...More->
  • Carmody Junior High School
    Built in 1900(?) . Named for the Carmody family. The Carmody house was used as a stage stop until 1916. Mary and Lawrence Carmody bought 324 acres of the Kendrick ranch....More->
  • Cason Howell House
    When the Civil War broke out, Cason Howell, living in Missouri left with his son by horseback because he did not want to fight. He told his family they would meet again on the banks of the Cherry Cree...More->
  • Colorow Elementary School
    Located east of Kipling and south of West Bowles, this school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It was built in 1977 for grades K-6 with a capacity of 756. It was named for the Ute I...More->
  • Columbine Airport
    Attached photos of hangar after it collapsed from the weight of a heavy snow storm in 1965....More->
  • Crown Hill Lake
    Claimant in 1936 was the Crown Hill Cemetery Association. Construction was begun April 1908. Located in Water District #7, the lake is filled from Clear Creek via the Agricultural Ditch into the Le...More->
  • Crown Hill Park and Lake
    The western part of Crown Hill Cemetery property was purchased with Open Space funds by Jefferson County, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood. This is a part of the Henry Lee Homestead. The shallow lake was dem...More->
  • Down Dale
    The Denver Federal Center was originally part of a large ranch known as "Down Dale" owned by the prominent Colorado pioneer Major Jacob Downing (1830- 1907). Downing was a noted lawyer and judge who ...More->
  • Downing Reservoir
    Claimant in 1936 was W.H. Hayden, ASD successor in interest to the Thomas S. Hayden Realty Company. Filled from Clear Creek via agricultural ditch. Construction prior to 1892....More->
  • Everett House
    The Martin Everett House was built on the Everett Homestead, 160 acres extending from 32nd Avenue to 38th Avenue, Wadsworth Boulevard east to Henderson Street (Pierce). On May 16, 1867 this house was ...More->
  • Everitt Junior High School
    Built in 1967. Named for Martin N. Everett, Homesteader 32-38th Avenues, Pierce (Henderson) - Wadsworth. Host to voters of Vasquez Precinct #8 to organize a school District Secretary of that group and...More->
  • Harriman Lake
    Harriman Lake, actually a reservoir, is situated west of Kipling Parkway and south of Quincy Avenue. It is fed by the piped Arnett-Harriman Ditch. It is named after George W. Harriman, who was calle...More->
  • Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church ELCA
    This membership was organized in 1954 as a Lutheran church and held it's first meeting in the Masonic temple at 1440 Independence Street. Their sanctuary was built in 1956, which is a modern church ar...More->
  • Howell House
    The c. 1874 Howell House is associated with the early settlement and agricultural development of what is now Lakewood. Most of the other homes from this period in Lakewood have been demolished, leavin...More->
  • Jefferson Avenue Methodist Church
    The church was named for the site, Jefferson Avenue, now 44th Avenue. Founded in 1891, they met in homes and Fruitdale School at first. In 1904 the church was built on the southeast corner of Jefferso...More->
  • John Perkins James Ditch
    John Perkins James Ditch was in Water District #7. Claimant in 1936 was John Perkins James, dating from October 1, 1893. This ditch picks up unused water and seepage from the Brown and Baugh Ditch....More->
  • Juchem Elementary School
    This Jefferson County District R-1 School was built in 1955. It was named for Henry J. Juchem, an Arvada grocer who had served on the Arvada School Board for nine years. He was the son of pioneer farm...More->
  • Juchem & Quellette Ditch
    Juchem and Quellette Ditch in Water District #7 had priority #30 (May 28, 1863). It was filled with water diverted from Clear Creek, via south bank of Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were John Juchem ...More->
  • Kendrick Lake No.1
    Named after Frank C. Kendrick, an irrigation specialist and railroad surveyor, who moved west from Ohio in 1872. The family owned acreage extending west from Old Kipling to Green Mountain, including ...More->
  • Kendrick Reservoir
    Kendrick Reservoir is situated west of South Garrison Street and just north of West Jewell Avenue. The Kendrick family owned large areas of farmland between South Garrison and Green Mountain. James ...More->
  • Kipling Street
    From 38th Ave. to Ridge Rd., this street was originally named for Carson Howell, a veteran of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre, who settled in 1860 in Jefferson County. Today, this street is named for t...More->
  • Korean Presbyterian Church
    This church was established in September 1971, and the Northern American Baptist Church, at the above address, was purchased in 1983. Rev. Woong Kil was the first pastor....More->
  • Lakewood Christian Church
    The congregation met in the V.F.W. Hall on 14th and Carr Streets,and then in Mary Lou Runyan's home. With her interest and dreams of a church, land was acquired at 20th and Kipling streets, plus 3 hou...More->
  • Lakewood Park
    This park has lighted ballfields and tennis courts, picnic facilities, lighted football and soccer fields, volleyball court and concession stand....More->
  • Lee, Henry House
    Henry Lee came to Colorado in early 1860. He pre-empted and homesteaded hundreds of acres in Wheat Ridge-Highlands Avenue to Prospect Avenue, Wadsworth to Garrison Street. He was an implement dealer...More->
  • Lorraine Mandalay Elementary School
    Lorraine-Mandalay school was built in 1928 with some of the lumber from Church's Stage Stop and additional lumber was supplied by G. H. Church. According to Mary Jump, a teacher at Mandalay School in ...More->
  • Mandalay Station
    Mandalay Station was a structure with two intersecting walls and roof to provide weather protection for the customers of the Interurban Railroad. It was located 12.14 miles from the junction in Denve...More->
  • Newman House
    The Newman house was built in 1876 by Cason Howell and it is the oldest house in central Lakewood. The Howell family came originally from Missouri, coming west for the gold rush in California and Alas...More->
  • Oberon Lake #1 and #2
    Claimant in 1936 was Oberon Water Company. Construction began January 1, 1887. Its water is obtained from Clear Creek via Farmer's High Line Canal to the Oberon Lateral. Named for the platted subdi...More->
  • Oberon Road
    Oberon Road was named for the undeveloped town in which it was located and claimed Oberon Station on Denver Tramway Car No. 82 that traveled between Arvada and Leyden. The name Oberon was taken from...More->
  • Paramount Park
    This Wheat Ridge city park is in the eastern section of Paramount Heights, a subdivision developed by Lee Doud in the 1950s. Baseball, basketball, soccer, a playground, picnic tables, a pavillion, and...More->
  • Pomona Reservoir #1
    Claimant in 1936 was Emma Coldiron Chambers. This Water District #7 reservoir is filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Line Canal. Construction commenced in 1881 and enlargement...More->
  • Prospect Valley Elementary, Old
    Proceeded by Brown Schools at 35th & Kipling (Howell). Organized 1892, District #44 from building. Moved to 10401 W. 38th, a 4-room brick enlarged several times. Became part of R-1 in 1950. Building u...More->
  • Prospect Valley Volunteer Fire District
    1947 was the date of organization of this volunteer fire department. It served the area south of Clear Creek to 26th Avenue, Youngfield Street to Kipling Street. In 1971, Prospect Valley Fire Depart...More->
  • Rucker/Dickerson House
    This c. 1910 ranch complex was built by Judge Rucker. The main house has a bay window and a second dwelling was constructed in 1930. There were corrals and three storage sheds with a bell on one....More->
  • Sayer & Lee's Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, the Sayer and Lee's Ditch had priority No. 22 (June 14, 1862). Its water was diverted from Clear Creek via the south bank of the Slough Ditch. The 1884 claimants were...More->
  • Spotswood-McClellan Stage Line
    In 1872, Colonel Robert J. Spotswood, McClellan, and J.W. Bogue bought the Colorado Stage Company. The stage line from Denver followed portions of the old Bradford Hill Road through Lakewood, on to ...More->
  • Standley Lake
    Claimant in 1936 was Farmers Reservoir & Irrigation Co. Filled with water diverted from Clear Creek, Ralston Creek and Leyden Creek via Croke Canal and Church Ditch; also Farmer's High Line Canal and ...More->
  • State Home & Training School
    The Cornerstone was inscribed: "A.D. 1910 State Home and Training School for mental defectives, founded by the State of Colorado, through the efforts of Ella Parish Williams of the State Board of Corr...More->
  • Stene Complex
    This square, wood frame house on a concrete foundation was built in 1907. Original use was a farm and the site includes tin sheds constructed in 1919 and a cinder block barn built in 1929....More->
  • Ward Ditch
    Ward Ditch starts at Smith Lake and circles around high ground across Kipling and Morrison Road towards Bear Creek....More->
  • West 38th Avenue
    West 38th Avenue enters Wheat Ridge at Sheridan Blvd. and continues west to Youngfield Street where it ends. It is a main artery of transportation in the city, mostly commercial to Kipling Street. T...More->
  • West 82nd Avenue
    Alfred Tucker operated the Tucker Gulch toll road up Golden Gate Canyon to Blackhawk and Central City in the 1860s. He gave the Tramway Company the right-of-way to place Tucker Station on his property...More->
  • Westlake Park
    Westlake is a naturalistic and wild-life City Park, the only one of its kind in Arvada. It includes Juniper trees, an Oak grove, berry and fruit trees, and is a birdhouse shelter. This four-acre park ...More->
  • Westland Baptist Church
    The membership was founded in 1953, and moved to the new church in 1969. Through the years, they have enlarged to a school campus and facilities....More->
  • Westridge Elementary School
    Located four blocks west of Kipling and one block north of Bowles, this school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It opened in 1987 and was named for the subdivision in which it is lo...More->
  • Westridge Sanitation District
    The name is derived from the location "in the west part of the city." The district serves the area west of the Wheat Ridge Sanitation District territory, from Garrison Street to Youngfield, south of ...More->
  • Wheat Ridge Grange Hall
    Wheat Ridge Grange, Patrons of Husbandry #155 is the oldest service organization in Wheat Ridge. It was organized March 29, 1907, and met in the District #8 Wheat Ridge School. In 1913, the Grange ...More->
  • Word of Life Free Methodist Motel
    Name is states the aim of the church. Organized in July, 1980 at Rev. Tom Duckworth's home. Met there 3 months, outgrew the space and moved to Ramada Inn. In 1991 still meet there. Emphasis is "Relati...More->

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