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  • Buffalo Creek Fire
    On Saturday, May 18, 1996 at 1:30 p.m. a campfire smoldered, unattended, close to Wellington Lake in Pike National Forest near the Buffalo Creek. Winds increased and flames took off, gathering moment...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Flood
    On July 12, 1996, eight weeks after the Buffalo Creek Fire in Pike National Forest, a torrential rainstorm hit the area for several hours and an ocean of black water rushed downhill from the site of t...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Forest Service Work Center
    The present center was built in the early 1930s by the U.S. Forest Service after closing several ranger stations in Pike National Forest between the community of Buffalo Creek and Lake Wellington. In ...More->
  • Buffalo Peak Historic Refuse Dump
    Post 1930 site consists of a scattering of historic trash on the south slope of a ridge. Artifacts include black powder cans, food cans, muffler, small bottles, machine parts, tobacco cans, cable, an...More->
  • Cabin Creek New Item
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Castle
    This rocky peak resembles a castle as it rises above Wellington Lake....More->
  • Colorado Trail 1776
    Segments 1-2-3: "Begins at Waterton Canyon, passes Strontia Reservoir, South Platte townsite, a view of Chair Rocks, Top of the World Campground, and a view of Long Scraggy Peak...follow trail to Coun...More->
  • Deer Creek
    This is a tributary (left hand) of the North Fork of the South Platte River at Crossons Co. (S6). The mouth is at S1, T8, R71W, Pike National Forest Map, 1953; also, S30, T3S, R71W, Atlas of Colorado,...More->
  • Flying G Girl Scout Ranch
    The Girl Scout Mile-Hi Council acquired the ranch in 1945. The southern portion was originally the Runner Ranch and dates from the 1880s. The upper, or north, portion was homesteaded by Louis Bush...More->
  • Frederick Kuehster/Jack Kuehster Ranch
    Frederick Kuehster homesteaded this ranch in 1877 and subsequently built a series of log buildings: house, one-story bunkhouse, barn with hayloft, and blacksmith log shed. Frederick Kuehster came to ...More->
  • Golden Gate Canyon
    Canyon takes its name from the 1859 Pikes Peak gold rush community of Golden Gate City, named for Tom Golden, located at its mouth. This canyon offered an entry way for people and machinery to reach...More->
  • Green Mountain Ranch
    The land was originally registered in a mining claim for "Happy" Jack Schofield. The copper mine was unsuccessful and Schofield abandoned it and the cabin. The property was homesteaded in c. 1871 ...More->
  • Gunbarrel Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Isiah Greene/Carl Kuehster Sr. Homestead
    Originally homesteaded by Isiah Greene, the original stone and log cellar house and barn were built in 1877. Later, Carl Kuehster, born in 1881, purchased the homestead and built the two-story frame ...More->
  • Lower Shinglemill Cabin
    The site is a ca. 1880-1920 historic cabin constructed with raw, saddle-notched logs of local origin. It is situated in a side-hill, leveled excavation in a gully above the drainage which measures 11...More->
  • Miller Gulch Wagon Road
    Site consists of a sunken track from a wagon road along the side of Miller Gulch. Remnants of wooden fence are visible in some areas. This route may have been used by J. Higginson in the 1860s to ac...More->
  • Mitchell's Shingle Mill
    This site is an historic sawmill site that operated ca. 1865-1920. Some of is associated features include remnants of a log loading dock constructed with raw, saddle-notched logs situated in meadow a...More->
  • New York Ranch
    The ranch was named for its location on New York Hill on the New York Trail, also known as the Leadville Free Road. Originally the main building was a stage stop, and the old foundations at one tim...More->
  • Pike, Charley House
    Built in 1880. Pike was a nephew of Zebulon Pike (of Pike's Peak fame). The Pikes were merchants in Morrison. It is a residence at the present time....More->
  • Pike National Forest - Jefferson County
    It was created in 1907 by combining the Pikes Peak Reserve, the Plum Creek and the South Platte Timberline Reserves (established 1892) for the United States Department of Agriculture. In this 1,105,7...More->
  • Pike & Perry Mercantile Company
    Built ca. 1880. It burned in 1919 and had to be repaired. Mazie and David O. Gage had a dance hall in 1919. After a flood in 1938, the Schneiders moved into this building and continued the drug store ...More->
  • Pillar of Fire House
    This house was built c. 1880. One of its inhabitants was Charles Pike, who claimed to be a cousin of Zebulon Pike, the leader of the 1804 exploratory expedition that traveled up to the headwaters of ...More->
  • Raleigh Peak
    Origin of name not learned. The Colorado Trail passes by this peak....More->
  • Ralston Diggings
    Gold was discovered, June 22, 1850 by Lewis A. Ralston in the creek named for him. Other prospecting parties followed this group of Cherokees which spurred the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1858-59 and open...More->
  • Resort Post Office
    It was established January 15,1880, and discontinued January 3,1881, when it became Vermillion Post Office....More->
  • Sand Draw
    According to Agnew, Lahn and Harding “On May 18, 1996 … a human induced wildfire burned nearly 12,000 acres of the Pike National Forest and surrounding private lands, destroying 10 dwellings and costi...More->
  • Sheep Rock
    It was probably named for a formation resembling the animal....More->
  • Soper Ponds #1, #2, #3 and #4
    Claimant in 1936 was Lulu S. Middleton. Construction began March 1, 1887. These Water District #7 ponds are filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via the Farmers High Line Canal. Holdings of...More->
  • South Fork of Buffalo Creek
    During the 1840s, U.S. Army expedition leader John C. Fremont named the creek for the buffalo in this valley his party observed....More->
  • Swartz Cabin
    Circa 1880-1890 cabin and barn inhabited by a local prospector named Swartz. The site is 100 meters north of Miller Gulch. There is a cabin on the west side of the tributary situated in a leveled...More->
  • Top of the World Campground
    The picnic and camping grounds are maintained by the Forest Service. It was probably named for the view. Because of growth of the trees over the years, the view has changed since the 1950s, when i...More->
  • Trumbull
    This was a residential settlement with post office in early 1900s. The closing date unknown and origin of name unknown....More->

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