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    Zoning Resolution and Land Development Regulation Update

    Updated regulations in the Zoning Resolution and Land Development Regulation related to Site Development Plans were adopted December 13, 2016 by the Board of County Commissioners.

    Keeping of Ducks as an Accessory Use

    The Zoning Resolution, Section 5 was amended to allow for the keeping of ducks as an Accessory Use. Adopted September 13, 2016. For owners wanting to raise chickens and ducks in their backyard and for property owners living next to them, our Backyard Chickens (Hens) and Ducks guide should prove helpful. For owners interested in keeping bees in their backyard, take a look at our Backyard Bees guide.

    Site Development Plan Regulation Update

     Planning & Zoning is in the process of updating the regulations pertaining to the Site Development Plan process.  

    Proposed C-470/Alameda Rezoning

    Updated and consolidated information on the proposed rezoning around C-470 & Alameda. This contains a Q&A and parcel maps. 

    2016 Fees

    Fees for 2016 are available now and will be effective for all applications and permits submitted after January 1, 2016. As of March 1, 2016 card convenience fee will be 2.5%.

    Shoveling of sidewalks

    Jefferson County does not have an ordinance requiring citizens to shovel sidewalks, but the county encourages citizens to shovel walks adjacent to their homes as a courtesy to their neighbors and for the safety of pedestrians. Residents of incorporated areas are urged to check with their city governments for any policies regarding snow removal from sidewalks. Residents in unincorporated areas of Jefferson County who live within the boundaries of a homeowners association are urged to check with their HOA for any regulations regarding sidewalk maintenance.

    For information about the plowing of streets in unincorporated Jefferson County, please see the Snow Removal FAQs page or call 303-271-5200. 

    Non-Emergency phone number for "Noise" complaints: 303-277-0211

    The Zoning Violation Process

    If you have ever received a zoning violation the penalty language on the violation form can be quite intimidating. This overview will help you understand the Zoning Violation Process. Read about it here.Adobe PDF Icon   

    Rebuilding After a Flood

    As the recovery phase continues throughout the County, you may need a permit for the work that needs to be done on your property. Permits may be required for any work in the drainageway, grading activities, and structural improvements to buildings.

    Please review our Requirements for Rebuilding After a FloodAdobe PDF Icon guide for information on the types of permits and the application process. You can contact Planning and Zoning Staff to assist you in determining which, if any, permits are required and we have setup expedited processes for those impacted by the flooding. The Jeffco Disaster Recovery page in addition to Planning and Zoning's Floodplains page have related information.


    Stay Informed by Registering your Association!

    Your association (HOA or Other) can receive notification of development proposals and regulation changes. Have you registered? Is your information up to date? Find out more about registering and get the registration form.