• Guides

    These documents are provided as helpful information and as an overview of specific information. Guides are provided to assist citizens with questions and processes. We have other groupings of guides as well:

    Application Process Guides 
    Theses guides are intended to provide an overview of the specific application type, and include information related to: submittal requirements, application processing, the evaluation of an application, how the decision is made on an application, community involvement, and document format.

    How Do I? Guides 
    These guides contain illustrations and explanations to some of the most common terms you may encounter when obtaining a building permit.


      • Backyard Bees asset icon
        Helpful guide for owners wanting to raise bees in their backyard and for property owners living next to them.
      • Backyard Chickens (Hens) and Ducks asset icon
        Helpful guide for owners wanting to raise chickens and ducks in their backyard and for property owners living next to them.
      • Being A Good Neighbor asset icon
        The "Being a Good Neighbor" guide is for renters of Short Term Rental property. It lists agreement conditions, helpful hints for compliance, and local contact information.
      • Building Permit Checklist asset icon
        Documents Required to Obtain Zoning Approval for a Building Permit. A Zoning Review Fee shall be included with each application (based on type of permit).
      • Building Permit Checklist for commercial permits asset icon

        Planning & Zoning Review of Commercial Permits NOT Requiring a Site Development Plan (SDP). New commercial buildings under 200sqft and additions under 25% or 2,500sqft (whichever is less) generally do NOT require an SDP.

      • Building Setback Requirements by Zone District asset icon
        Jefferson County Building Requirements By Zone District
      • Designated Dipping Bedrock Area Guide asset icon
        Map of an area of potential heaving bedrock associated with expansive, steeply dipping bedrock in Jefferson County. The Designated Dipping Bedrock Area (DDBA) defines an area of Jefferson County where heaving bedrock is possible under certain geological and human-influenced conditions.
      • Domestic Animals Permitted by Zone District asset icon
        Can I have Chickens? Sheep? Pigs? How many can I have? This guide tells you what is allowed based on Zoning.
      • How Does Zoning Differ from Platting? asset icon
        The Planning and Zoning Division processes a variety of land use applications. The most common applications pertain to zoning and platting. This guide provides a brief overview of the differences between zoning and platting.
      • Land Use Application Notification Process asset icon
        This guide provides a brief summary of the Public Notification Requirements of the various land use applications.
      • Large Animals - Benefits asset icon
        A helpful guide for large animal owners and property owners living next to large animals in Jefferson County.
      • Large Animals - Regulations asset icon
        Regulations guide for large animal owners and property owners living next to large animals in Jefferson County.
      • Large Animals - Resources asset icon
        Resources for large animal owners and property owners living next to large animals in Jefferson County.
      • Mountain Living Checklist asset icon
        The Mountain Living Checklist highlights some unique conditions associated with  mountain living. It is intended to help potential mountain residents make informed decisions before buying.
      • Notification Guide asset icon
        The notification requirements are intended to keep property owners and registered associations informed of proposed development activities in Jefferson County.
      • Referral Preparation Instructions asset icon
        Applicants are required to pay postage for mailing of outside referral packets.
      • Requirements for Rebuilding After a Flood asset icon
        Requirements for building safely after a flood
      • Small Site Erosion Control Manual asset icon
        For Notice of Intent Submittals by Developers, Builders and Homeowners. This manual explains the basic principles of erosion control and illustrates the techniques to control erosion and sediment from small development sites. Native seed mixes for revegetation are also listed.
      • Stay Informed asset icon
        The county wants to keep you informed of development proposals & regulation changes
      • The Zoning Violation Process asset icon
        Here is an overview to help you understand the Zoning Violation Process.
      • Utility Contact Information asset icon
        Contact information for utility company contacts.
      • Vision Clearance Triangle asset icon
        No fence, wall, hedge, shrub, structure or other obstruction to view which is over 42 inches in height shall be erected, placed or maintained within a triangle formed by the property line immediately adjacent to a street, road, railroad right-of-way, or non-residential drives.