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    Theses guides are intended to provide an overview of the specific application type, and include information related to: submittal requirements, application processing, the evaluation of an application, how the decision is made on an application, community involvement, and document format.

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    This optional process of the pre-application review View document in PDF format. gives the landowner or developer the opportunity to discuss a proposal with staff before submitting a formal application. This process is recommended prior to rezoning, special use and site development plan applications, but may also be utilized prior to the submittal of more complicated subdivision or other land use cases. In this process, staff reviews the proposal for compliance with regulations and outlines the submittal requirements for a formal application. Staff will also advise the applicant of development requirements, such as road improvements, land dedication or parking and landscaping minimums, so that the applicant can make an informed decision on continuing with the application.

  • Application Process Guides

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