• Planning and Zoning Online Services

    • Distressed Properties 
      Access information on distressed properties in Jefferson County.
    • File a Zoning Complaint 
      If you have a concern about your neighbor and whether the activity on his/her property meets zoning regulations file a complaint online.
    • Historic Place Names Database 
      Access historical information about named sites in Jefferson County, including buildings, roads, ditches, mountains, streams, and other natural and man-made sites and features.
    • Jeffco Interactive Mapping Application 
      Find information about property, such as zoning, recent permit activity, tax information, nearby development applications and countless other features.
    • Jeffco Permit Search 
      Data within the Jefferson County Permit Search application is updated at least twice each day.
    • Planning and Zoning Online Applications 
      Jefferson County is excited to offer applicants the opportunity to make Pre-Application submittals through the On-Line Application system.