• Planning and Zoning

    Planning and Zoning Online Applications

    Jefferson County is excited to offer applicants the opportunity to make Pre-Application submittals through the On-Line Application system.

    Registration is required to use the on-line application system. If you have made other on-line applications or paid a bill on-line, you are most likely already registered.

    To register, send an email to pzadmin@jeffco.us with your name, address, email and phone. You will be set up with access and a temporary password that you can change. 

    For help navigating the on-line application process please see this guide: "How to use the On-Line -Pre-Application Submittal"

    To apply for a Pre-Application permit, start here: 
    On-Line Applications “Apply for Permits” login

    Before you begin:
    Take a look at our 
    Pre-Application Review Process Guide for and overview of the process. Please be sure that you have all needed documents available in an electronic format, and that each document is a separate file. If the pre-application will include multiple adjoining properties, it is important that all of the properties are clearly documented in the Cover Letter.