• Regulation Revision

    Over the years, regulations have been fluid, with county staff continually drafting revisions to the documents in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Jefferson County. The original zoning resolution was adopted by the county commissioners in 1946 and the land development regulation was adopted in 1978.

    Previous Changes to the Regulations  

    Keeping of Ducks as an Accessory Use

    We are in the process of updating the Zoning Resolution pertaining to the keeping of ducks as an Accessory Use. Accessory Uses are governed by Section 5 of the Zoning Resolution. Staff has created a first draft of the revisions and is soliciting comments on the proposed changes.

    The proposed changes affect only Section 5.C.1 of the Zoning Resolution. Proposed updates include:

    • Allowing for the keeping of duck as an Accessory Use on certain residential properties.
    • Restricting the combined number of chickens and ducks allowed on a residential property.
    • Clarification of when the keeping of chickens and ducks is governed by Section 5 or by the underlying zoning district.

    This update includes only Section 5 of the Zoning Resolution. Red-marked drafts with the proposed changes to these regulations are available in both Word and Adobe PDF formats.

    We are very interested in any comments or concerns that you or your agency may have with these proposed changes. Please send comments to Elyse Dinnocenzo, 303-271-8732 by Friday, July 22, 2016

    Planning Commission hearing: August 24
    Board of County Commissioners hearing: September 12

    Site Development Plan Regulation Update

    Planning & Zoning is beginning the process of updating the regulations pertaining to the Site Development Plan process. The Site Development Plan process is an administrative review of site and construction plans for commercial, industrial, and multi-family projects prior to obtaining a building permit. Staff has created a first draft of the revisions and is soliciting comments on the proposed changes.
    Several sections have been identified for updates. Possible updates include: 

    1. Allowing Site Development Plans to dedicate public right-of-way. This would require the Site Development Plan documents to include a survey.
    2. Creating a minor Site Development Plan process for smaller projects.
    3. Creating a clearer Site Development Plan Amendment process.
    4. Modifying timelines to address the minor Site Development Plan, Site Development Plan amendments and more accurately reflect the current process.

    This update includes several sections. The main text for the Site Development Plan is in Section 1 of the Zoning Resolution. However, staff is also proposing updates to related sections, including Sections 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the Zoning Resolution and Sections 11 and 27 of the Land Development Regulation. Red-marked drafts with both potential changes to these regulations and additional questions from Staff can be found in both Word and Adobe PDF formats at this link or by typing the case number (16-103547AM) into the County’s Active Cases Search website.

    Comments on the first draft closed July 15. Staff is currently making revisions based on those comments and will have a second draft out for review mid-August.

    Contacts for this regulation update are:
    Heather Gutherless 303-271-8716
    Christiana Farrell 303-271-8740 

    Previous Changes to the Regulations

    In the past postcards have been mailed for notification of regulation updates. Future notices will be by e-mail only. For future notification of regulation changes please send us your e-mail address using our
    web form. Fill out the form and indicate the nature of your request and submit. We will add your e-mail to our list for notification.