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  • Regulation Revision

    Over the years, regulations have been fluid, with county staff continually drafting revisions to the documents in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Jefferson County. The original zoning resolution was adopted by the county commissioners in 1946 and the land development regulation was adopted in 1978.

    The County is proposing changes to the Zoning Resolution, Section 35, Drilling and Production of Oil and Gas

    Jefferson County staff is drafting an amendment to Section 35 of the Zoning Resolution regarding the Drilling And Production of Oil And Gas. This Section is being amended to clarify the process for drilling and production of oil and gas in different zone districts and to address the conflict between setback requirements with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rules and regulations. The setbacks are being amended to match those in the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rules and regulations.

    The remarked version for the following Section are available for public review and comment, Case Number 14-107842AM:  Zoning Resolution - Section 35 – Drilling And Production of Oil And Gas  

    For more information contact Patrick O’Connell, 303-271-8707.

    Please submit comments by August 13, 2014. Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for August 27, 2014 at 6:15 pm. The Board of County Commissioners hearing is scheduled for September 16, 2014 at 8:00 am. Both hearings will be held in Hearing Room 1 of the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden. Public testimony is encouraged at both hearings.

    The County is proposing changes to the Land Development Regulation, Section 2, Waivers

    Jefferson County staff is drafting an amendment to Section 2 of the Land Development Regulations regarding waivers. The amendments to the LDR are intended to allow the BCC, at the time of BCC hearing, to overturn waivers granted by the Director of Planning & Zoning.

    Staff has scheduled a meeting for June 25th, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm to discuss the potential ramifications of this, and to present the first draft of this regulation update. The target audience for this meeting is developers, HOAs and local Special Districts.

    The meeting will be held in the Lookout Mountain Room, on the lower level of the County Admin Building, 100 Jefferson County Pkwy.

    No hearings have been scheduled at this time.

    View all supporting documents for the waiver regulation revision, Case No. 14-111681AM 

    For more information contact Russell Clark, 303-271-8754.  

    The County is proposing changes to Zoning Resolution, Section 4 and 5, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

    An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an additional dwelling that can either be added to an existing single family detached dwelling, or built as a separate accessory structure on the same lot as the primary dwelling. These types of structures are often called “granny cottages.” To be considered an ADU, the unit has provisions for an independent kitchen, and must be clearly subordinate to the main dwelling. 

    Currently, to qualify for an ADU a property owner must prove at a Board of Adjustment hearing that the ADU will only be occupied by a family member, the property is a minimum of one acre, and adequate water and sanitation is provided. Draft 1 of the revisions was released in March. After receiving comments, Section 5 has been revised. The changes that have been made can be found in the Draft 2 folder. Here you can view a clean copy of the draft, a draft just showing changes from Draft 1 and a draft showing all changes from the existing regulation. You can also view all comments in the Comment and Response log – 7-10-14. The three major changes proposed are as follows.

    1. Process - The process is proposed to be changed from a Board of Adjustment hearing to an administrative process where the decision is made by staff based on specific criteria. This is why the location of the regulation is changing from Section 4 to Section 5 of the Zoning Resolution.

    2. Occupant - The requirement that the ADU be occupied by a family member is proposed to be removed and replaced by a requirement that one of the units must be occupied by the property owner. The other unit could be occupied by a family member, a caretaker, a nanny, or a renter.

    3. Lot and Unit size - The minimum lot size has been reduced, but the maximum unit size is also reduced on a tiered scale, so that as lot size is reduced so is the size of the ADU.

    Valid proof of water and sanitation will still be required.

    The intent of these regulation changes is not to double the density allowed in an area, or to allow the ADU to be sold off as an independent unit. The intent is to create more housing options for Jefferson County citizens. This would allow some citizens to age in place by having a second unit for perhaps a caretaker or grown children.

    View all supporting documents for the ADU regulation revision, Case No. 13-115927AM  

    Presentation - ADU Community Meetings April 2014 Adobe PDF Icon
    Meeting Notes - April 23 Adobe PDF Icon
    Educational Materials – Draft 1Adobe PDF Icon

    For more information contact Heather Gutherless, 303-271-8716. If Heather is unavailable, you may also contact either Dennis Dempsey, 303-271-8734 or Christiana Farrell, 303-271-8740.

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