• Regulation Revision

    Over the years, regulations have been fluid, with county staff continually drafting revisions to the documents in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Jefferson County. The original zoning resolution was adopted by the county commissioners in 1946 and the land development regulation was adopted in 1978.

    Sign Regulation Update

    We are undergoing regulation revisions pertaining Sign Regulations in the Zoning Resolution. The Sign Regulations section provide orderly control of signs and permit the use of signs.

    Staff is in the process of analyzing comments on the first draft from internal and external agencies which ended June 21. There are fairly substantive changes that have occurred between the existing Sign Regulations and what is proposed. Many of these changes are reflective of the Supreme Court ruling on sign regulations (Reed et al v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona) that categorize signs based on the type of information they convey. The ruling stated that signs cannot be reviewed based on content. Jefferson County has revised the Sign Regulations to reflect these changes and to maintain content neutrality. Staff is also proposing changes to definition of different types of signs, illumination of signs, electronic message centers, and non-conforming signs.

    The main text for Sign Regulations is in Section 11 of the Zoning Resolution, however, staff is also proposing updates to related sections, including Section 6 and Definitions of the Zoning Resolution and the Policies and Procedures Manual. Red-marks and clean copies of Draft 1 for all Sections can be found here. All information related to this Regulation Amendment can be found here or by typing case number (17-107190AM) into the County’s Permit and Active Case Search.

    We are very interested in any comments or concerns that you or your agency may have with these proposed changes. If you have comments or questions on this regulation update, please contact Sarah Rosenberg, 303-271-8728.

    Previous Changes to the Regulations

    In the past postcards have been mailed for notification of regulation updates. Future notices will be by e-mail only. For future notification of regulation changes please send us your e-mail address using our
    web form. Fill out the form and indicate the nature of your request and submit. We will add your e-mail to our list for notification.