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    Extra Halloween Candy?

    Do you have left over candy from Halloween that you don’t want sitting around your house?

    Did your children get a huge pile of candy from trick or treating that is way more than you want them to have?

    Please think about “Re-treating” this candy to share with the Family Integrated Treatment (FIT) Court parents and families during the dockets. FIT Court assists parents seeking treatment for addiction while their children live in foster care or another safe environment. Having snacks in the courtroom helps create a welcoming space for our families. 

    You can drop any extra candy off to the CASA office (1st floor, Suite 1536) in the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility. They will be collecting until Friday, Nov. 11.

    Thank you and Happy Halloween!



    More on FIT Court:
    The Jefferson County Family Integrated Treatment Court is a voluntary Family Drug Court within a dependency and neglect court case designed to address child abuse, neglect concerns and parental substance abuse in families with young children. Fifty-five percent of Jefferson County ongoing child protection cases have substance abuse/addiction identified as a risk factor or safety concern. FIT Court involves frequent court appearances with individualized interaction between the FIT Court parent and the Magistrate, random drug testing and substance abuse treatment, and a collaborative team approach to working with FIT Court parents. A FIT Court graduate stated, "Now I am in school, I am positive, I have a future, I am going to great things. This is the most days of sobriety since I was 14 years old." FIT Court is a partnership of Jefferson County Department of Human Services, Savio House, and the 1st Judicial District.


    October 30, 2016

    Last Updated: 10-31-2016