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    Have Budget Comments? Tell Us

    Do you have questions, comments or feedback on the 2017 Jefferson County Budget? If so, we want to know. The proposed budget is available online and the county welcomes feedback and comments from the public. Take a look at it and send your input to the Budget Division at budget@jeffco.us.

    Each year Jefferson County, by state statute must adopt a budget. This process involves many meetings beginning in the spring with staff and elected officials to find out what the needs are of the county. Once a drafted budget is ready, the County Manager and the Budget Division present the proposed budget to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). This was done at the public hearing on Oct. 11, 2016. If you missed the meeting, you can watch a recording of it on the county’s video page.

    For 2017, the proposed budget is $541.3 million. This includes $441.7 million in operating expenditures, $37.4 million in capital needs and $62.2 in interdepartmental transfers (funds transferred in between departments must be accounted for even though they are not actual additional expenditures).

    The county expects for 2017 $415.3 in revenues, $96.8 in transfers which will require the use of $29.2 from the county’s fund balance. Some of the proposed capital projects include $23.7 million for roadway and bridges, $9.8 million for Open Space needs and $4.2 million for facility projects.

    When assessing the overall needs and creating the budget, the county has to consider TABOR and annual levy law limitations and Property Assessments, employee recruitment and retention, increases in demand for services, continuing decline in state and federal funding and unfunded mandates, infrastructure and facility needs – IT and facilities maintenance plans – Facilities Master Plan – Road & Bridge – Increase for road construction and maintenance; and use of fund balances – projects/capital – one-time expenses.

    So now what? The Budget Division will take feedback it has received from the commissioners and the public to fine tune the proposed budget. The division will then present the 2017 Jefferson County Budget to the BCC at its Dec. 6 public hearing. The hearing is open to all citizens and you are encouraged to attend. BCC hearings begin at 8 a.m. and are in Hearing Room 1 located in the Administration and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway.

    November 14, 2016

    Last Updated: 11-30-2016