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    Judges' Wall Will Record Jefferson County Judicial History

    The Jefferson County Historical Commission, working in conjunction with Caren Stanley, First Judicial District Administrator, Dan Cordova, Colorado Supreme Court Law Librarian, and Ronda Frazier, Jefferson County Archivist, has undertaken a project to create a “Judges’ Wall,” complete with photographs and biographical data for former judges in Colorado’s First Judicial District dating back to 1862, and earlier.

    The event to unveil the initial phase of the wall occurred on Thursday, Dec. 15. The Colorado Supreme Court Law Librarian Dan Cordova spoke about the phases of the project and the work it required to get it up and running. Caren Stanley, First Judicial District Administrator, said it was a goal of hers to get this wall of honor erected. “We wanted to be sure to honor those that had such a unique place in our history.”

    The Judges’ Wall Project will be completed in several phases

    • Phase I: Photographs of current judges, including year of appointment, and a listing of current magistrates are featured along the corridor to the left of the elevators on the first floor of the court-side of the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility.
    • Phase II: Retired and former judges, who were appointed based upon merit selection from January 1967 to the present, are featured along the corridor in the same area, but to the right of the elevators. Pictures are accompanied by a short biographical sketch. This display, which is organized chronologically according to dates served on the bench, was unveiled at the event on Dec. 15.
    • Phase III: Historical judges, who were elected dating back to 1862, will also be featured in chronological order along the corridor to the right of the elevators. Their biographical information will be researched through public sources and posted beneath their photographs.
    • Phase IV: The final component will reflect the earliest history of judges prior to 1862.


    The history of the First Judicial District will be presented along the two walls, to the right of the elevators, featuring former and historical judges. Sketches of three earlier courthouses, drawn by Carol Perricone, wife of retired Judge Gaspar Perricone, will be featured in this display. Judges will be grouped within the historical timeline along the two walls.

    How You Can be Involved

    Descendants and friends of former First Judicial District judges are encouraged to contact the Jefferson County Historic Commission with information, pictures, and/or questions related to this project. Please contact Dennis Dempsey at 303-271-8734 or ddempsey@jeffco.us, or Bonnie Scudder at 303-349-8235 or bscudder@evcohs.com.

    Judges wall unveiling

    Dennis Dempsey
    Jefferson County Historical Commission

    December 16, 2016

    Last Updated: 12-16-2016