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    Update on the C-470 and Alameda Rezoning Case

    The C-470 and Alameda rezoning case came before the Board of County Commissioners for decision today, January 31, 2017. The Commissioners had heard the case at their January 17, 2017, hearing, where they heard presentations from both staff and the applicant, as well as many hours of public testimony. This is how those cases were decided:

    Northwest corner of C-470 and Alameda, near the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor’s Center – Case no. 16-108156RZ

    • This case was approved by the Board of County Commissioners with revisions to the red-marked print to remove auto dealership uses and associated restrictions.


    Southeast corner of C-470 and Alameda, closer to the Solterra Development – Case no. 16-108148RZ

    • This case is still in the process of being reviewed. No hearing dates are scheduled at this time.


    All of the detailed information in the case files can be found by following the links associated with the case numbers above. The parcel map to the right shows the specific zoned areas.

    Both properties are currently zoned Corridor District – Medium Scale Retail (CD-RM). This zoning allows a variety of commercial and light industrial uses such as light manufacturing; research and development; business and professional office; medical and dental offices, clinics, emergency facilities and hospitals; laboratories; banks; retail shopping facilities; convenience service establishments; specialty goods and services; state licensed daycare; adult daycare; restaurants; medical supply and drug store; grocery store; department store and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.

    To see more on the background details and Q & A, see the original news item >> 

    Heather Gutherless
    Case Manager

    January 31, 2017

    Last Updated: 1-31-2017