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  • Public Health Divisions


    Jefferson County Public Health's (JCPH) programs and services are divided into four main divisions: Administration, Community Health Services, Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management and Environmental Health Services. 

    Administrative Services

    Administrative Services provides department administration and financial management, along with the Emergency Preparedness and Response and Vital Records programs. While many of our programs and services are delivered at no cost or minimal cost to residents, in some cases a fee is required for JCPH services.  Please see the JCPH Fee Schedule Download Adobe Reader from Downloads Page for more information.  

    Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management

    Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management (HPLM) works to improve health through programs and activities enabling people to increase control over and management of their health. Programs and services in this division are committed to creating a healthier Jefferson County by promoting healthy eating, active living, tobacco-free environments and access to health communications and public information. "Health" is influenced by social, physical and economic environments also known as the social determinants of health.The Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management Division supports improved health outcomes and health equity through collaboration between public health and nontraditional partners who have influence over the social determinants of health. Policy work involves working with elected officials and members of our communities to adopt policies that promote nutrition, tobacco-free public places and built environments that support safe walking, biking and multimodal transportation.

    Community Health Services

    Community Health Services (CHS) programs and services work to improve health and quality of life through communicable disease surveillance, prevention, control, education and treatment. The Community Health Services Division diverse programs and clinics provide essential preventive health screenings, family planning, health education, public health nursing interventions, nurse home visitations, resource referral and access to health care for the county’s uninsured or underinsured residents.

    Environmental Health Services

    Environmental Health Services (EHS) works to prevent, investigate and respond to health threats in the county from environmental sources, such as our air, water, land, the food we eat and the domestic and wild animals and insects we encounter. EHS also inspects facilities, including schools, day cares and restaurants, for adherence to public health safety and disease control measures.


    Last Updated: 2-21-2014