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  • Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan . . . Healthy People, Healthy Places JeffcoCommunity Health Assessment Cover


    Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH), in collaboration with the Jefferson County Board of Health, Jefferson County Health Council and numerous community partners, organizations and government agencies is in the process of developing and implementing a Community Health Improvement Plan. The community health improvement plan – or CHIP – will outline how all the organizations that influence health in Jefferson County will work together over the next 5 years to fight our county’s toughest health battles.

    We are happy to release Jefferson County’s Preliminary Community Health Improvement Plan for 2014. Honoring the complexity of community health planning, this report outlines the steps the Healthy People Healthy Places Jeffco initiative will take over the coming months to develop a robust multi-year action plan to increase access to healthy food and physical activity in our County.  

    We gathered input from community members and professionals about the County's greatest health concerns through community engagement meetings and an online survey. As a result, we selected physical inactivity, poor diet and psychosocial stressors as the highest priority areas to address in the County. Physical activity and healthy eating work groups were then formed and identified our target population as low-income households with children ages 0-18 with a focus on Latino children. View the complete Community Health Assessment.

    With our priorities selected (physical inactivity, poor diet and psychosocial stressors) and our target population selected (low-income households with children ages 0 to 18, with a focus on Latino children) Healthy People Healthy Places Jeffco has paved the way for the development and implemention of strategies that all of our partners can focus on to create a healthier Jefferson County.  We look forward to continually gathering input from the public and our partners to develop and implement a CHIP that will help Jeffco residents live longer, happier and more meaningful lives.

    For more information:

     For more information or to get involved, contact the JCPH Community Health Improvement Planner, at 303-271-5737 or healthyjeffco@jeffco.us.

      Healthy People Healthy Places Jeffco 

    The Healthy People, Healthy Places Jeffco 2013 Community Health Assessment is the most thorough compilation of health-related data published to date about Jefferson County, Colorado. 

    Download and print your own copy of the health assessment here: 


    The Healthy People, Healthy Places community health assessment provides a comprehensive look at the overall health status of the County. The data updates our residents about health issues that cause illness, injury, loss of quality of life, and death in Jefferson County.

    Health Assessment Highlights:

    • From 2001 to 2010 there was a 59% increase in obesity rates among adults 
    • From 2001 to 2010 there was an 89% increase in diabetes among adults
    • From 2001 to 2010 there was a 30% decrease in adults who smoke
    • From 2001 to 2010 there was a decrease in Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease deaths
    • People in Jefferson County are generally healthy.
    • Jefferson County is becoming older and more ethnically diverse 


    For questions regarding the data included in this report, please contact the JCPH epidemiologist at 303-271-8393 or the JCPH Health Planner at 303-271-5737.


















    Last Updated: 1-14-2015