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  • Communicable Disease Control


    Prevention and control of infectious diseases is a primary function of public health and provides the following functions:

    • Contain and prevent communicable disease outbreaks in the county using surveillance, intervention, and follow-up. Statistical data computation is done for cases of reportable infectious diseases.
    • Promote immunization as a way to prevent disease.
    • Travel immunization provides vaccinations recommended for international travel.
    • Collaborate within the health department, among counties and with the State to track the rate of disease in this county. The rate of disease in this county is very low in relation to the population size.


    Ongoing Surveillance:

    • Clients are taught how to manage their disease, family contacts are assessed, and all parties involved are taught how to prevent the spread of disease.
    • Outbreaks are identified and followed by extensive community outreach as needed.
    • Monthly and annual reports reflect trends for disease prevention, planning and action.


    Analysis and Intervention:

    • Incidence of reportable communicable diseases are analyzed for potential impact to the community's health. For example, diagnosis of certain contagious diseases among food workers, day care providers, or health care workers.
    • Appropriate action is taken to prevent or minimize the spread of disease.
    • Emphasis is put on education as well as prophylactic (preventive) treatment.