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    What about other property transfers or changes in ownership; are these exempt from the use permit requirement?


    The following are also exempt from the use permit requirement:

    • change in ownership solely to include or exclude a spouse or children;
    • transfer subject to life estate;
    • transfer to effect foreclosure or forfeiture of real property (when the foreclosed property is subsequently sold, a Use Permit IS required);
    • transfer by redemption from a tax sale;
    • transfer creating or ending joint ownership if at least one person is an original owner of the property and / or his or her spouse or children;
    • transfer of property containing premises that shall be demolished (or already has been) and shall not be occupied after the property transfer;
    • transfer for the vacation or granting of a public right of way;
    • transfer from a person to a trust or to themselves as trustee(s) of a trust estate; or
    • new homes that have not yet been occupied.


    See our document on properties not subject to use permit requirements for explanation of the circumstances where use permits are not required.

    Last Updated: 3-20-2013