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    Will a dwelling with a pit-privy or outhouse qualify for a use permit?


    Dwellings with pit privies cannot be occupied full-time; however, these dwellings are acceptable for "limited occupancy," which the regulations define as:

    • "Occupancy of a structure or dwelling as a residence on less than a full-time, year round basis, i.e. no more than 90 consecutive days or a total occupancy of 120 days per year."
    • To sell such a dwelling, use form 800Download Adobe Reader from Downloads Page . A Limited Occupancy Use Permit can be issued after a prospective purchaser has been identified, and that purchaser signs an agreement acknowledging and agreeing to the above occupancy restrictions. This will allow the transfers of weekend, hunting and fishing cabins, etc., even though they are served by privies.

    Last Updated: 5-3-2013