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  • Eight Days Before Quit Date


    Action Step

    Start delaying the first cigarette in the morning. Recent research indicates that waiting 30 minutes or more may help reduce cravings for nicotine throughout the day.

    • Identify and cut out the cigarettes you don’t “need.” You may smoke some cigarettes because it’s been a while since your last one and you have a real physical craving to smoke - leave those cigarettes in, for now.
    • Cut out the extra one you have just because it’s something to do, or because you always light up when the phone rings. It may still feel awkward not smoking during these times, but you can honestly say it won’t put you into a “nic attack.”
    • This action begins “retraining” your mind regarding the automatic behavior of smoking, helping you to whittle away at the habit and giving you a bit more control. It also helps you reduce your nicotine intake, possibly lessening the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal when you quit.


    Resources for Quitting

    Read one piece of literature or webpage about quitting. Here are some resources to get you started:


    Gaining Insight

    • Without self-interest in or changing other health behaviors (especially if addiction is involved), the change may be a lot tougher - and may not be possible. In other words, making the change because it interests you and because it will benefit you may be a necessary foundation for success. Use this activity to explore your own self-interest in quitting and for other health behaviors.
    • Imagine that while you are sleeping tonight, a miracle happens and you are now a person who doesn’t smoke (or, if you’re not working on smoking, substitute: a person who has made that health behavior change you’ve wanted). Your thoughts and experiences are those of someone who doesn’t smoke. Your world is the world of someone who doesn’t smoke. Now, you don’t know that the miracle happened because you were asleep. So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, what would be the first things you would notice that would let you know that a miracle took place?
    • Notice what you are doing and how life is different. What do you notice? How is life better? What difference would being someone who doesn’t smoke (or eats healthier, or exercises regularly) make?
    • Not everything may be positive in this image. That’s OK, but do you see a self-interest that makes the effort worth it?



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013