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  • One Day Before Quit Date


    Action Step

    Tomorrow's the big day . . . Day 1 of being smoke-free!
    Whether you're quitting just for the day, or for good, it will pay to look over your plans and consider potential rough spots.

    • Do what you can, today, to clear your schedule and environment of triggers to smoke. Most importantly, imagine yourself successfully handling unexpected situations - your computer locks up and you can’t meet a deadline at work; you’re the target of an angry outburst; you find out you’re overdrawn, etc.
    • Now imagine these types of situations occurring while you successfully deal with the pressure - without smoking. Notice what you do instead. What does it look like when you are successful during times of challenge? What are you doing? Keep an image of this in your mind - if you can imagine it, you can achieve it!
    • Here are some things to look for:
      • periods of time when you are likely to be tired, hungry, stressed or bored
      • people with whom you might interact who might trigger a desire to smoke
      • places you’ll be that prompt you to smoke


    Resources for Quitting

    Put your quitting support kit together and have it ready to go. For ideas for what to include think about the following:

    • what might help you keep your hands busy
    • what might keep you inspired to keep moving forward
    • what can you bring to help with the craving to smoke
    • what foods are healthy when you want to eat, rather than smoke
    • what will help you relax and feel comforted
    • what should you put your supplies in so that you can comfortably take them with you


    Gaining Insight

    It’s important to quit for yourself, but quitting may affect the people around you positively. This exercise will help you get in touch with the ripple effect your quitting will have on the world.

    • If you have children in your life, including friends or neighbors’ children, how might you being smoke-free affect them?
    • If you extend your life and increase your well-being, what impact will this have on your family, your friends, your work and other members of your community?
    • Think about the impact that tobacco addiction has around the county and world, taking nearly five million lives every year. How might you, being one less customer of this addictive product, help the world?



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013